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42-channel multi-data acquisition module for in-car tests

December 02, 2010 | Julien Happich | 222901249
42-channel multi-data acquisition module for in-car tests Ipetronik has announced MultiDAQ, a multi-measurement module with 32 measurement inputs, eight analog inputs for voltage/current with sensor excitation, and two frequency/counter inputs. The MultiDAQ is based on the company’s M-Series modules, which have been proving themselves well for years under extreme conditions. In detail, it is equipped with 32 measurement inputs for connecting Type K (NiCr/NiAl) thermocouples, eight analog inputs for voltage/current that each have separately configurable dual supply sensor excitation (up to ±15 V, max. ±45 mA), and two frequency/counter inputs.
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The frequency/counter inputs have adjustable ON/OFF thresholds (comparators), and each input has two separately configurable sensor supplies (up to 15 V, max. 60 mA). All the measurement inputs and sensor excitations as well as the CAN bus feature full galvanic isolation from one another. The temperature measurement range is –60 °C to +1370 °C (–76 °F to +2498 °F), whereby the reference temperature is determined using several PT100 (RTD) sensors in the area of the measurements inputs. Voltages are measured up to ±100 V, currents up to ±20 mA (using an internal shunt ) and frequency/period up to 200 kHz/10 μs (100 kHz). The duty cycle is specified at 0.1 % to 100 % for a signal frequency of 10 kHz.

The measurement range is digitized by means of a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter. Compensation of the thermal A/D measurement chain takes place each time a measurement value is acquired. To achieve the greatest possible precision, the sensor characteristic is linearized using an internal compensation algorithm. The resolution is finer than 0.174 °C (≥13 bits) at a sample rate of 1 Hz. The hardware filter used in thermal measurement is a first-order low-pass RC filter with a frequency of 1.0 Hz. The two 16-channel thermal units provide channel sampling rates of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 Hz and a total sampling rate of 320 Hz.

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