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About EETimes Europe Automotive

 The vertical Design Centers offered by EETimes Europe connect engineers with expert sources of knowledge, from vendors, consultants, independent designers and application engineers. They deliver breaking news, reviews, product announcements, in-depth product research tools, expert advice and analysis, insights into industry trends, and hands-on how-to details. The three
Design Sites feature an independent web site and a weekly e-mail newsletter.

Christoph Hammerschmidt runs the EETimes Europe Automotive website and will contribute more actively to the print edition of EE Times Europe and should be your main contact for Automotive-related topics.

Contact info

Christoph Hammerschmidt: Tel:  +49 8930779786       

André Rousselot, Group Publisher: Tel:   +32 27400053    
 Mobile:  +32 477269509 

European Business Press SA Avenue Eugene Plasky 144 1030 Brussels Belgium


Technical papers
Which approach is best suited for automotive infotainment connectivity?