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Infineon: CAN FD success goes at the expense of FlexRay February 25, 2015 Infineon: CAN FD success goes at the expense of FlexRay The faster version of the venerable CAN bus, CAN FD is currently taking off at several carmakers. Infineon's Thomas Böhm, Head of Body / Automotive, believes this could well go at the expense of FlexRay. Read more Spansion CEO: "Quality happens at the system level" October 29, 2014 Spansion CEO: Past February, Spansion introduced the HyperBus, a data bus custom made for its Flash devices and its Traveo microcontrollers. While just about any embedded system potentially can benefit from such a fast data highway, Spansion seems to succeed with this system particularly in automotive environments. ... Read more Is there a future for the MOST bus? October 01, 2014 Is there a future for the MOST bus? In no other domain in the car, the technological evolution is advancing more rapidly than in the infotainment sector. Nevertheless, the MOST data networking technology seems to maintain its position as the king of the infotainment networking hill - though its latest iteration, MOST150 has been introduced ... Read more "IoT and the car is like a gift for Freescale" May 02, 2014  In automotive semiconductor rankings, Freescale continues to fall back from its former pole position. EE Times Europe asked Steve Wainwright, General Manager, Freescale EMEA, and Juergen Weyer, Vice President Automotive EMEA, about the chipmaker's recipe to regain market share and their perspective on ... Read more "Future automotive applications need incredibly more computing power" December 12, 2013 These days, the Autosar (Automotive Open System Architecture) development partnership celebrates its tenth anniversary. Launched with the goal to reduce the complexity of the heterogeneous software landscape within cars, the initiative gained much support throughout the industry - today, practically ... Read more "No car will be an island" November 05, 2013 Novel automotive applications such as camera-based ADAS, car-to-x communications or automated driving, trigger avalanches of data. To cope with this data flood, high-performance data networks have to be established within the vehicles, offering much higher bandwidth that existing solutions. The likely ... Read more
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