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A high-reliability 32-bit Flash microcontroller for safety-critical applications.

December 04, 2008 | | 212201879
As the world becomes increasingly complex and safety an evermore critical issue, consumers and businesses want electronic systems that are reliable and safe and so contribute to a trouble-free daily life. The H8SX Flash MCU solutions target this kind of applications, especially in automotive, industrial and medical fields, where high reliability and low field failure rates are essential.<
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High-reliability Applications

Common to all safety critical applications is that the code and data in these applications have to be as safe as possible. The H8SX/1725F has been developed for high reliability industrial and medical applications. It also has the high reliability that Class III/IV (according to European MEDDEV association classification) medical applications demand. In the medical field, the device is qualified even for designs that include life-support applications. High reliability connectivity interfaces are often based on CAN interfaces, not only in automotive but also as standard in industrial areas. In many developments, logged data should be stored in an archive for tracking long term trends.

For these cases, the H8SX/1725F provides an integrated data Flash so that applications can effectively use 480Kcycles when using blocks consecutively. This function is useful in long-term medical data loggers that record vital signs over days, weeks or even months to track down medical conditions that are difficult to diagnose. Beyond medical applications, there are many industrial applications with similar requirements such as Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) or cash registers, which have to securely logg transaction data so that the reports generated form the data cannot be subject to repudiation.

MONOS - the leading edge embedded Flash technology

MONOS (Metal Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon) Flash is world's fastest embedded Flash technology at 12.5ns read access time in the H8SX/1725F and 10ns in the H8SX/1725SF in 2009. So far this technology has focused on speed, now the H8SX/1725F has a split embedded MONOS Flash module, 256kByte high speed Flash for code and 16kByte high endurance Flash for data. The endurance is 30 000 e/w cycles for the Data Flash. By using blocks consecutively, applications can effectively use 480Kcycles. The non-conducting nitride floating gate helps make the MONOS Flash technology extremely reliable. With this technique it is impossible for a defect to have a negative effect on the charges trapped at the nitride layer. Only charges near the defect/disturbance are affected, thus effectively providing built-in redundancy.

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