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News about Audi

Delphi selected to build Audi’s autopilot computer March 31, 2015Delphi selected to build AudiÂ’s autopilot computer Automated driving is ante portas – but how will the computers look like that steer the vehicles through the evening rush hour and across the high-speed autobahn? Audi now introduced the electronic brain of future self-driving cars. Read more Infineon, GE invest in deterministic networking technology March 25, 2015Infineon, GE invest in deterministic networking technology Chipmaker Infineon invests € 7 million into Vienna-based technology company TTTech AG, an expert for networked safety controls. The chipmaker ponders integrating TTTech's technology into its microcontrollers. Read more Audi launches lighting lab February 17, 2015Audi launches lighting lab At its headquarters in Ingolstadt, carmaker Audi has opened a development and test centre for interior and exterior lighting. With a driveable light tunnel of 120 metres, the new Lighting Assistance Centre (LAC) serves to develop and test the advanced lighting designs including the functions of the high-beam and camera-based lighting assistance systems. Read more Ballard IP to boost Audi’s fuel cell developments February 11, 2015Ballard IP to boost AudiÂ’s fuel cell developments Carmaker Audi gets serious with alternative drive technologies: The company has acquired a set of fuel cell patents from Canadian fuel cell expert company Ballard Systems Inc. At the same time, the carmaker has announced to extend its development collaboration with the Canadians through 2019. Read more OLED exterior lighting soon in series vehicles, Osram says February 11, 2015OLED exterior lighting soon in series vehicles, Osram says At the recent Consumer Electroncis Show in Las Vegas, OLED-based taillights were one of the eyecatchers of BMW's M4 Concept Iconic Lights showcar. The innovative lighting technology will be available in series vehicles as early as 2016, Osram said now. Read more
Piloted driving takes centre stage at Audi's CES presentation
Software-Defined Car, IoT and Virtual Car Keys: The top ten stories in 2014
LA Auto Show: Hydrogen fuel cell drive is back
TRW power steering system in VW, Skoda, Audi and Fiat
Research project significantly improves electronics reliability
Robot on the Racetrack: Audi presents driverless racing car
Audi makes the leap to 48V supply
BMW invoke fast battery chargers to spark EV sales
BMW has most advanced connectivity, study says
Audi TT - a step towards the software-defined car
Domain controllers concept gains traction, says TTTech
Audi, Bosch get granular on GaN
Audi to test laser headlight at Le Mans race
Group prepares Android platform for cars
Research project makes HMI development data interchangeable
Consortium presents three-dimensional OLED rear lighting concept
Audi announces smart Matrix LED headlights
Audi picks Analog Devices for semiconductor program
EU validates Audi's LED technology as eco-relevant innovation
Audi drives LED headlight to new dimensions
Audi unveils in-car 4G LTE wireless broadband
Car industry should benefit from semiconductor economies of scale, NXP suggests
Audi-led research project develops e-mobility platform
Audi, Elektrobit widen scope of their joint software activities
MOST150 goes for a drive in the new Audi A3
Winners at the Le Mans endurance race take Bosch under their hood
Audi, Sierra Wireless jointly develop and test in-vehicle LTE infotainment system
Audi opens li-ion battery competence center
Audi highlights connected car concept at CeBIT
Audi experiments with OLED exterior lighting
Audi, Daimler infotainment systems take center stage at CES
Audi AG invests in body R&D expert company
German OEMs demo universal e-car charging system
Audi to use NatSemi's SerDes technology in 2012 car models
Split-voltage E/E architecture takes shape
Automakers drive development of in-vehicle wireless charging, analyst says
German carmakers agree on 48V on-board supply, charging plug
Research project enhances robustness of electronic automotive components
Daimler, Audi declare MOST150 ready for mass production
MOST Forum discusses technology and challenges of infotainment backbone
Audi, Alacatel-Lucent demo LTE-equipped car
QNX plugs vehicles into cloud computing
LED headlights – a matter of drivers
Audi on the search for the right sound
Audi gives green light to MOST150 deployment for serial production
Marvell and Harman bring advanced Wi-Fi to the automotive industry
Home media server embraces car infotainment
DIANA research project aims at automotive electronics diagnostic capabilities
Vector, TTTech win Audi Autosar software contract
Audi presents future active safety technologies
QNX to provide software platform for next-gen Audi infotainment system
Car-to-infrastrcuture communications project aims at fuel consumption reduction
Audi, VW select AMS FlexRay transceiver for Electronic Control Units
64-bit graphics processor powers Audi A8 instrument cluster
Volkswagen boosts e-car commitment in China
Audi brings predictive emergency brake to the road

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