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Serial Quad I/O (SQI) flash works with lower voltage, at higher temp February 8, 2016Serial Quad I/O (SQI) flash works with lower voltage, at higher temp The SST26VF SQI product family (Microchip Technology) is an automotive-grade NOR Flash with wider voltage and a larger temperature range. Microchip claims to be the only vendor to offer an extended-voltage Serial Quad I/O Flash device in automotive temperature grades. Read more Renesas specs 90-nm flash at 100million cycles for automotive SoCs February 4, 2016Renesas specs 90-nm flash at 100million cycles for automotive SoCs Renesas says its latest development, at 90-nm process rules, of its one-transistor MONOS flash memory technology is the first in the industry to achieve over 100 million program/erase cycles at high temperature, with rewrite energy of 0.07 mJ/8 kB: it will, the company says, be applied to accelerate intelligence in automotive control systems. Read more ST shifts focus to automotive, IoT January 27, 2016ST shifts focus to automotive, IoT STMicroelectronics NV has said it will stop developing products for the set-top box and home gateway markets and plans to lay off up to 1,400 workers out of its total headcount of more than 43,000. The chipmaker's hopes anre now pinned to IoT and automotive electronics. Read more Ford opts for Analog Devices’ UTP-based Automotive Audio Bus for infotainment January 21, 2016Ford opts for Analog DevicesÂ’ UTP-based Automotive Audio Bus for infotainment Analog Devices has announced today that the Ford Motor Company has selected the Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) as its primary infotainment network technology with in-vehicle deployments starting in 2016. Read more Safety-related flaws at inacceptable level, study concludes January 19, 2016Safety-related flaws at inacceptable level, study concludes After the negative record in 2014, when in the USA alone 108 million vehicles were called back into the garages, the year 2015 again saw a very high number of call-back actions. The Center of Automotive Management (Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany) has sorted the call-back campaigns by reasons and manufacturers. Problem field number one was the safety technology. Read more
Automotive platform addresses IoT for connected cars
NFC transponder for use in automotive applications
In-car audio development platform applies ADI’s A2B technology
System power IC aids automotive functional safety
Ethernet PHY brings UTP wiring to automotive environments
Merged NXP, Freescale focused on the road ahead
Automotive linear regulator integrates diagnostics and protection
Multi-regulators for smaller, cheaper car-infotainment systems
Microelectronics content in cars continues to rise, ZVEI says
Integrated EMI filter for BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet
Integrated EMI filter for BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet connectivity
Automotive-qualified Transient Voltage Suppression for data buses
Multiple-output voltage regulator IC with buck/boost capability
Automotive PMIC runs ECUs in difficult power conditions
Automotive market supports ailing semiconductor industry
CXPI transceiver offers alternative to time-critical LIN applications
Mentor rolls Connected OS Platform for in-car connectivity
Protect vehicle ECUs against reverse-battery connections
Low-power Renesas 16-bit MCUs for vehicle control systems
Innovasic demos TSN-ready Deterministic Ethernet for automotive
2.3 Mpixel automotive image sensor carries ASIL B qualification
Redriver chip boosts USB 2.0 signal integrity
3-Rx RF chip extends long-range smart car key features
Qt Company adds automotive-focussed UI builder suite
ST extends ARM licence to ARMv8-R for advanced automotive designs
IT security becomes essential feature for cars
Analog output, automotive bridge sensor signal conditioner
Automotive regulator with power-on-reset and MCU supervisory functions
Current sensing resistors offer long-term stability
Intel launches car security expert group
Europe hangs on to lead in automotive chip buying
Verification of key timing use cases for ECU software development
Sealed automotive connector system gets colour coding
These five trends drive automotive innovation
Rohde & Schwarz to highlight automotive radar at EuMW
Inductor sensor interface ICs replace Hall devices
High-insulation gate-drive transformer for automotive power MOSFETs
Automotive HMI design suite shapes digital instrument clusters
42V quad synchronous step-down DC/DC has high efficiency
2 Mbit EEPROM is automotive-qualified
Continental to integrate 77 GHz radar technology from Freescale
Polymer electrolytic with automotive ratings
Diodes, Inc. steps up automotive presence with Hall-effect latches
Half-bridge gate driver for hybrid vehicle power systems
Automotive high-side drivers rated for use in stop-start vehicles
CAN ESD protection devices meet key automotive interface protocols
Secure automotive consolidation platform runs on i.MX6 architecture
Compact driver IC for automotive throttle control
Sensata climbs automotive MEMS ranking
Microsemi qualifies automotive-grade SoC FPGAs
Rohde & Schwarz shows test equipment for networked cars
NiZn battery is validated for 12-V automotive use
Automotive video decoder targets reversing camera function
Automotive grade, high power inductors
ST takes automotive-grade thyristors to 1200V rating
Automotive 2A, 70V SEPIC/Boost/ Converter has 9 µA quiescent current
Video & communication bridge from consumer to automotive interfaces
Time-domain electromagnetic simulation for automotive radar
Chip capacitors are automotive qualified
Why chip design gets relevant for carmakers
Simulation technology for mainstream automotive design, from McLaren
Four-quadrant, bipolar operation voltage drop simulation of vehicle batteries
VxWorks brings ISO 26262 to the operating system level
Modular data loggers have 12 CAN channels for automotive testing
Auto chip market: upheaval ahead
Research E/E architecture goes open source
60V, 3x output, buck/buck/boost DC/DC controller for light hybrids
Opinion: What the NXP/Freescale takeover means for automotive electronics
MCUs target automotive instrument clusters, shape head-up display projections
Rugged Hall-sensor throttle position sensor, in distribution
4-channel data acquisition IC targets vehicle radar systems
H.264 video I/O companion ICs for automotive MOST & ADAS
Automotive circuit protection; high temperature, low leakage varistors
Thermopile infrared array sensor tracks multiple objects
Infineon takes the lead in auto semiconductors
Cortex-M7 MCUs are structured for real-time tasks
Automotive-grade buck regulator delivers 3A
Switch targets automotive wireless over 50 to 3000 MHz
Integrated, 2-channel, high-brightness automotive LED driver
UMC to manufacture automotive power devices for Infineon
Ricoh launches low supply current LDOs
IGBTs are automotive-qualified for small-motor drives
U-blox buys into automotive, acquires modules business from Lesswire
Synchronous buck-boost controller regulates up to 250W
5V TVS protection device safeguards high-speed automotive interfaces
Microchip adds enhanced noise immunity, ECC flash to MCUs
Automotive industry drives chip demand
MOST150 brings streaming bandwidth to 1.2 Gbps
Automotive audio processor offers reduced design times
Automotive MCU targets high-end, integrated-systems applications
Automotive MCU system power supplies for idling-stop systems
Synchronous step-down DC/DC offers 93% efficiency at automotive voltages
Enpirion adds PowerSoCs to Altera FPGA ecosystem
Automotive radar tests with target simulator and FM CW signal analysis
Automotive-qualified 40V dual FETs for low power motor applications
Macronix rolls out European expansion plan
LTE data communication module targets automotive applications
Automotive-qualified 100-V transistors boost power efficiency
ZF withdraws from joint venture with Bosch
Market for dimensional metrology faces growth spurt
Sensata to pay $1-bn for tire pressure sensor leader
MIMO antennae offer LTE connectivity
IP builds common-mode noise-resilient audio CODEC for automotive infotainment SoCs
In-vehicle infotainment steps up to USB3, adds wireless charging
Infineon fires on all cylinders
Banning cellphones while driving does not decrease accidents, researchers find
QNX launches safety-optimised auto operating system
IP builds automotive-grade-0, non-volatile memory in 75% less area
Sealed connector system for automotive and difficult environments
Blue semiconductor laser diodes focus on automotive HUDs
Top ten automotive MEMS sensor vendors ranked
Automotive OEMs crowd around Google
Virtual test tool supports latest Euro NCAP requirements
Design cars like planes, use them like cellphones
LED modules focus on harsh automotive environments
Bosch, Conti dominate automotive electronics market
Automotive processor get ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified code tools
Intel steps on the gas in the auto market
Image recognition processor for small automotive cameras
Geo Semi raising cash for automotive, IoT push
R&D project targets fully adaptive automotive lighting
LDO regulator family optimised and approved for automotive
Power infotainment systems with automotive buck regulator
Higher integration in LIN transceiver chips
Automotive, Industrial Power once again drive Infineon's sales
Battery sensor integrates MCU, CAN and analogue front-end
TVS diodes improve surge protection for mobile/automotive device chargers
Telit Wireless launches automotive telematics business
Angular sensor communicates via SENT protocol
Automotive MEMS: A changing global landscape
Reports: Ford to dump Microsoft in SYNC in favour of QNX OS
Multi-string LED drivers brighten in-vehicle infotainment displays
Automotive ECU development flow from Symtavision and Lauterbach
Testing eCall modules for automotive emergency call systems
Dead reckoning for cars: IC computes vehicle movements without external reference
DC/DC supplies 0.25A, shuts down to 12 µA
Automotive, security products drive Infineon's expectations
GENIVI 5.0 compliant embedded design platform targets Linux based in-vehicle infotainment systems
Group prepares Android platform for cars
Smart cars offer "once in a generation chance" to UK industry, experts say
Automotive-qualified passives
Sensorless automotive BLDC pump motor control IC
"No car will be an island"
Diab Compiler achieves automotive SPICE Level 2 for safer vehicle systems
Low-power analog video detector targets automotive camera systems
Leoni launches 4th automotive wiring factory in China
Automotive connector series adds new options for engine-compartment interconnects
Ultra compact crystal unit for automotive applications
DFT and test for safety-critical automotive ICs
LED for automotive headlights now available with two chips
Webcast series offers guide to adopting ISO 26262 software testing requirements
Automotive mini buck converter consumes very low quiescent power
Continental taps IBM for connected car developments
EV fast-charging stations to reach 200,000 by 2020, says IHS
LIN bus motor control IC simplifies 12V automotive actuator designs
Apple's iOS7: Too little, too late for automotive market, says expert
14-circuit hybrid system meets increased terminal requirements for in-vehicle functions
Citroen Picasso gets TRW 24GHz radar
Demand for comfort, performance boosts automotive electric motors market
Automotive wireless market to expand by over 40 percent
Consortium presents three-dimensional OLED rear lighting concept
Automotive synchronous buck regulator
Head-up displays ready for the automotive market
Automotive-grade hard disk drives in a 6.4cm casing offer up to 320GB
Automotive app market switches to take-off mode
Inova's eval boards join Goepel's automotive interfaces range
Volkswagen, Stanford University intensify collaboration
Gone in sixty seconds: extracting M2M vehicle data
Automotive LED drivers combine high voltage rating with strong EMC performance
IHS predicts strong growth for automotive electronics
Requirements lifecycle management tool targets safety-critical FPGA and ASIC design
In automotive lighting, LEDs still fail to enlight the masses, study says
40-V MOSFETs deliver benchmark on-state resistance for heavy load applications
Electric vehicle go-slow hits SiC power devices
Automotive applications drive demand for DC brushless motors, IMS Research says
Bluetooth all-in one module with antenna targets automotive use
Mobile video streaming drives demand for networking semiconductors in cars
Open-source driving simulator software targets research and development
LED array driver offers all-around protection
AEC-Q200-qualified RF chip capacitor is aimed at automotive applications
25,000 DMIPS-capable SoC targets the automotive infotainment market
Infotainment drives memory increase in modern cars
New "responsive" EDN-Europe website accessible across all platforms
Gesture and proximity sensing ICs enable next-gen automotive HMI
Skyworks captures silicon-on-insulator analog IC design wins in automotive applications
Robust and compact WLAN access points target transport applications
Driving innovation into the global automotive supply chain
Project creates data exchange formats for efficient HMI development processes
Automotive LCD shipments market to run hot, IHS predicts
LED simulation and test solution meets future automotive lighting requirements
What drove automotive electronics in 2012: The most popular stories
Automotive touch screen market to boom, predicts IMS
Cadence enriches automotive Ethernet ecosystem with design and verification IP
Data, voice drive different connected-car markets
Automotive Resource Center offers online help for tricky measurement problems
New generation of magnetic position sensors focus on safety-critical automotive applications
In-car Wi-Fi expected to increase eight fold over the next seven years, says IMS Research
Intelligent power switch is optimized for automotive PTC electric heaters
3-in-1 programmable automotive driver assistance solution
New automotive connector spec speeds EV charge time
Qi expands into wireless charging in automobiles
70V-tolerant, 12-cell battery sensor extends battery life, supports highest automotive safety rating
dSPACE and TASS link tools for developing cognitive driver assistance systems
Singapore as a test bed next-generation congestion management systems
Automotive infotainment system shipments to hit over 50 million by 2017
Value share of exhaust and aftertreatment systems to explode, IHS says
Fuel efficiency drives semiconductor content in cars
Automotive application site puts design engineers in the driver’s seat
Renesas looks to automotive and smart society to drive recovery
Automotive-qualified 600-V Trench IGBT in D2Pak delivers high power density in Hybrid and EV applications
Continental provides upgradeable infotainment system for Fiat
Automotive tier ones need to learn from software vendors, study says
Visteon expands electronics plant in China
Berner & Mattner shows new tools at Automotive Testing Expo
Fully integrated ultrasonic signal conditioner supports automotive parking distance applications
Bosch expands infotainment business in Asia
Better driving range though energy management
Dual 60-V IN , 1-A monolithic 2.5-MHz step-down DC/DC converter withstands 80-V transients
Resistive 320 degree rotary sensor enables position detection in automotive applications
14 new IPDs offer enhanced protection functions for automotive body applications
NXP Semiconductors acquires the Catena Group to focus on high performance mixed signal applications
Integrated power controller offers stability benefits for automotive applications
Isolated RS485 & RS232 uModule transceivers target military and automotive applications
Sevcon joins forces with Flextronics Automotive
Intel gets granular on automotive connectivity
New automotive-qualified maXTouch controllers support shieldless sensor designs
Molex first to market with innovative one-piece automotive bulb socket
Green Hills, Jungo bring connectivity to automotive infotainment
Renesas Electronics introduces low power consumption MCU series for automotive body solutions
Ford creates research lab to drive personal mobility
Broadcom rolls broadest automotive Ethernet product portfolio
Magnetic sensor use to rise in automotive motors
Automotive MCUs certified to AEC-Q100 improve fuel efficiency and battery life
Gentex, Continental grab extra 10% of car camera market
Silicon Labs rolls advanced car radio tuner IC family
Autosar between home stretch and new challenges
Automotive dead reckoning GPS receivers enable accuracy where GPS signals are weak or non-existant
Ultra-compact AEC-Q101-qualified power MiniLEDs increase light output by a factor of three
Toyota, Ford lead vehicle app integration with smartphones
42-V, 750-mA, 2.2-MHz step-down dc/dc converter only requires 2.5-uA quiescent current
AEC-Q100 qualified 2.5-A buck regulator operates during cold crank conditions
Processor models aid automotive software testing
Multicore MCUs target cleaner automotive powertrains
Renesas chip brings HD video, advanced graphics to high-end automotive displays
Freescale opens R&D Centre of Excellence for automotive electronics in East Kilbride
Automotive-certified Bluetooth v4.0 device features EDR and LE operation
MEMS gyroscope provides shock and vibration immunity for automotive applications
Seoul semiconductor starts mass production of LED automotive headlights
Infineon power management devices improve energy efficiency in EPS, motor control, pump applications
Freescale targets emerging automotive OEMs in BRIC regions
Automotive MEMS sensors to return to healthy growth in 2012
Intelligent power switch family features current sensing for automotive applications
Multicomponent capacitors offer low and high frequency filtering
New generation of position sensors improves performance of automotive applications
Toshiba Automotive MCUs meet ISO 26262
dSpace ASM get JMAG parameterization support
ATHENIS IC technology platform enables energy efficiency in harshest automotive environments
Axeon receives funding to lead electric vehicle battery recycling research
Infineon extends XC2000 automotive microcontroller family
dSpace simulation model virtualizes high-voltage batteries
Delphi opens wiring harness assembly plant in Romania
IC Insights raises forecast for automotive semiconductors
Analog Devices introduces single-chip automotive radar frontend
NXP demos car-to-x communications platform
Semiconductor industry loves automotive - but carmakers bet on more software
CarMaker 3.5 expands functionality of Xpack4 HiL test system
Covisint sketches cornerstones of secure automotive networking
Durr Assembly Products show multifunction automotive test stand
Robust automotive-grade buck regulator ICs with wide input voltage range
Infineon watchdog chip pushes TriCore architecture to highest safety levels
NXP teams up with I2IT to set up Automotive Centre of Excellence in India
Automotive night vision market to reach USD5bn by 2016, says ABI Research
New family of automotive-qualified MOSFETs offer rugged, compact system solutions
Rudi De Winter wants limping X-Fab to get up to speed
Funkwerk Dabendorf selects COQOS operating system
Missing sensor hits global automakers
Multicore MCUs target ADAS applications
Automotive semiconductor market sees major shift
Study predicts dramatic changes in automotive landscape
Wrap-around view technology for driver visual assistance
DSI Consortium airs version 1.0 specs for DSI3 standard
Automotive IC market to outgrow all other segments, IC Insights says
Bosch automotive handbook highlights current topics
Ethernet to gain ground in automotive applications, Bosch predicts
Modular PXI system for CAN communications
Cellular M2M modules predicted to see dramatic uptake in automotive and metering
Automotive semiconductor market to double, Semicast predicts
Matthias Stumpf appointed QNX key account manager
Intersil claims first video SerDes transceiver targeting automotive rear view video safety systems
Under the hood, Infineon sees a bright future
FZI, IPG jointly develop active safety test platform
Dongbu forms automotive, power network
42-channel multi-data acquisition module for in-car tests
Automotive MEMS sales rebound, says iSuppli
Automotive to become semiconductor industry's best customer
CeBIT to launch telematics, automotive special exhibit in 2011
MEMS accelerometer addresses broad range of automotive applications
Dongbu expands auto IC foundry efforts
Continental launches brake JV in China
Automotive radar chipset now available for motion sensing applications
Grace enhances automotive foundry offering
Automotive electronics between challenges and synergies
Ipetronik launches Ipetec test bed engineering business unit
New IPEmotion measurement software displays high-speed signals
Volkswagen research project aims at improving automotive lighting
Automotive GSM module designed for first-mount Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Emergency Call systems
Freescale announces automotive MCU family
Belgian wafer manufacturing facility to boost capacity by 40 percent by early 2011
3D for automotive on show at Electronica
Daimler to provide Most Forum keynote speech, call for speakers open
Visteon launches joint venture to target Russian market for dashboard electronics
Marvell and Harman bring advanced Wi-Fi to the automotive industry
Seven power MOSFETs target compact vehicle electronic control units
Seven power MOSFETs target compact vehicle electronic control units
Price pressure in autmotive supply chain will continue, study says
Brose tops automotive electronics growth ranking
Switch with detent for automotive applications
Volkswagen to build new plant in southern China
ON Semiconductor integrates current regulator and automotive lighting controller
Ramtron Serial 1-Mbit F-RAM upgraded to automotive qualification
Focusing on automotive, Micronas gains momentum
Autoelectronics market to reach $210 billion in 2014, says analyst
Significant powertrain improvements seen in China
CAN bus analysis on latest ScopeCorder
Fleet management system is web-based
NXP tops automotive infotainment chip ranking, says iSuppli
TTTech Automotive selected to supply ECUs for Aptera
Automotive chips: Infineon passes Freescale
Study: Automotive electronics market returns to growth – in China
Harman, Neusoft in strategic partnership on automotive and consumer electronics
Four-channel PMIC targets automotive applications
Semiconductors key to e-car costs reductions, Infineon predicts
Numonyx® M58BW (Automotive-dedicated NOR Flash family, 3V, burst)
NXP unveils automotive qualified Power SO-8 MOSFETs in LFPAK
Ipetronic offers Klaric measurement technology
General Motors boosts battery research
Round TFT emulates gauges and dials without moving parts
QNX extends lead in automotive infotainment market
Chip vendors in Germany increasingly rely on automotive markets
Intelligent power switch offers ultra-low on-state resistance in 24V applications
Intelligent power switch offers ultra low on-state resistance 24 V automotive environments

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