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News about Autosar

Blockset upgrades prototyping system to Autosar platform October 20, 2015Blockset upgrades prototyping system to Autosar platform Embedded tool vendor dSpace has released an RTI Autosar Blockset that effectively upgrades the company’s MicroAutoBox II compact prototyping system to a universal real-time development and validation platform for Autosar software. Read more “Autosar should reflect electromobility challenges” June 16, 2015“Autosar should reflect electromobility challenges” In-car networking, automated driving and connectivity applications greatly increase the amount of data circulating in vehicles. Do today’s development tools keep up with the challenges arising from this new paradigm? EE Times Europe spoke with Helmut Schelling, co-founder of software tool vendor Vector Informatik GmbH. Read more MOSTCO demos integration of MOST bus with Autosar April 1, 2015MOSTCO demos integration of MOST bus with Autosar Amidst the advance of Ethernet AVB in most domains of the car, the MOST infotainment bus is clearly in a defensive position. As a countermeasure the MOSTCO plans to introduce the integration of the MOST bus with the Autosar software environment at the upcoming MOST Forum industry meeting on April 21. Read more Infotainment SDK for Coqos released March 16, 2015Infotainment SDK for Coqos released Embedded automotive software maker OpenSynergy has put together a software developers kit for the infotainment domain, based on its Coqos software framework. Coqos SDK 7.0 actually turns the framework into an SDK, the company says. Read more Mentor inlcudes Ethernet into AUTOSAR tools February 8, 2015Mentor inlcudes Ethernet into AUTOSAR tools Mentor Graphics now offers Automotive Ethernet support in its Volcano VSA product for network design of both AUTOSAR-based and non-AUTOSAR electronic control units (ECUs). Read more
SystemDesk generates virtual ECUs for functional tests
Green Hills claims “most advanced integration, broadest support” for AUTOSAR
Autosar reference integration already contains future features
Timing design tool gets support for FlexRay, Autosar 3.x/4.x
Autosar-compliant test solution for infotainment, ADAS
Sysgo offers virtualisation for Renesas infotainment platform
Autosar Debugging software eases access to ECU data
ArcCore rolls Autosar-4 compliant development tools
Faster from Simulink to C code
Standard technologies set to displace classical automotive ecosystems
"Future automotive applications need incredibly more computing power"
Vector expands Autosar extensions in E/E development platform
OBD software offloads ECU developers
Hypervisor delivers security for multicore processors, enables Multi-OS consolidation
Autosar tool includes role-based licensing model
Adaptive vehicle software architecture will correct malfunctions
Embedded software test platform integrated with Autosar
Ethernet timing analysis targets CAN, FlexRay and AUTOSAR-based ECUs
Fraunhofer develops automotive TCP/IP protocol stack tests
Vector integrates Autosar extensions into PREEvision development platform
dSpace SystemDesk 4.0 supports Autosar R4
Multicore support, Ethernet are next goals for Autosar
Software configuration tool supports Autosar version 4.0.3
MathWorks Simulink offers production support for Autosar 4.0
Software development poses unfamiliar challenges to automotive value chain
dSpace Systemdesk completes Autosar 3.2 tool chain
Autosar 4.0.3 focuses on maintenance, stability
Mentor Graphics, Mecel offer Autosar 4.x software design solution
Elektrobit, IBM integrate automotive software tools
Autosar between home stretch and new challenges
Autosar software group targets industry applications
Elektrobit development tool supports Autosar 4.0
Symtavision joins efforts with AUTOSAR modelling tool vendors
Autosar core partners reveal roll-out plans
Elektrobit offers development support for safety-related software
PSA Peugeot Citroen engineer Gilberg new AUTOSAR spokesperson
Top ten of EE Times Automotive in 2010
OpenSynergy, Sysgo cooperate on safety-critical software platform
Multicore reference platform features Infineon TriCore architecture
Vector, TTTech win Audi Autosar software contract
Dassault takes over automotive design software vendor Geensoft
Auto hack: What the industry says
Tool assesses Autosar compliance of software components
Autosar has new spokesperson
Messina 2.7 automates ECU function test
How Autosar helps reduce electronics complexity

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