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Daimler taps spare part warehouse to store energy February 1, 2016Daimler taps spare part warehouse to store energy Stationary batteries are not really new – after all, Tesla, Nissan, Daimler and other carmakers are already selling used batteries from electric vehicles in a “second life” business model as energy storage. Daimler is now going one step further: The company is building an energy store that taps the spare parts depot of e-car batteries. Read more Nissan pumps GBP26.5m into advanced lithium-ion battery plant in UK January 21, 2016Nissan pumps GBP26.5m into advanced lithium-ion battery plant in UK Nissan has given a vote of confidence in European manufacturing by awarding production of future generation electric vehicle (EV) batteries to the company’s manufacturing facility in Sunderland, UK.
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Faraday Future unveils electric super-racer January 5, 2016Faraday Future unveils electric super-racer At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the newcomer in the electromobility business Faraday Future revealed his firstling. With more than 1,000 bhp, the single seater is rather a feasibility study than a car with real-world applications.  

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Exchangeable cells make traction batteries cheaper December 1, 2015Exchangeable cells make traction batteries cheaper Fraunhofer researchers have developed a battery for electric vehicles that promises to be significantly more cost-effective than conventional batteries throughout its entire life cycle: In contrast to available batteries, the cells of the new design are exchangeable. But what looks like an obvious design requires a totally different battery monitoring system. Read more Battery monitoring chip gets better, cheaper successor November 18, 2015Battery monitoring chip gets better, cheaper successor High-voltage battery stacks in hybrid and battery electric vehicles need to be carefully monitored all the time. For this purpose Linear Technology introduced the LTC6804 monitoring chip three years ago. Now the company has presented a successor to the 6804: The LTC6811 offers the same high current sensing exactness of 0.04 % and a number of additional features. The good news is that the new chip costs 25% less than its predecessor. Read more
London black cabs begin journey towards battery power
Bosch drives development of both batteries and fuel cells
Autonomous driving features make e-cars cheaper, study finds
Reference board eases design of 48V battery monitoring systems
BMS optimised for high power density, low price
Smarter and lighter car battery aimed at replacing lead acid batteries
Research project combines valet parking, battery charging
Electric double-decker buses lead London's zero emission drive
Reinvented Li-ion cell costs 50% less to produce
Electrolyte additives prevent fires in next-generation lithium batteries
NiZn battery is validated for 12-V automotive use
Vehicle energy test system is optimised for 48 volts
Bosch adjusts course for future mobility requirements
Four-quadrant, bipolar operation voltage drop simulation of vehicle batteries
LG Chem clinches lithium-ion battery contract for the e-Smart
Fraunhofer launches test centre for high-voltage batteries
Are next generation EV batteries a step closer?
General Motors targets Tesla with EV launches
Daimler invests € 100 million in battery expansion
Advanced lead-carbon batteries could enable 48V super hybrid vehicles
Software predicts EV driving range based on multiple parameters
Breakthrough for traction batteries? Ultra-fast battery charges in 2 minutes
Johnson Matthey acquires battery materials assets from A123
Research platform refines EV battery production processes
Lithium-ion charger dedicated to preserving eCall batteries in vehicles
Battery-pack controller manages 14-cell lithium ion sources to ASIL-C
Automotive sensor interface helps BMW manage battery performance
Is rapid charging batteries really so damaging?
Start-Stop batteries achieve four times longer cycle life
Study challenges Tesla's Gigafactory figures, predicts battery overcapacity
EV battery electrochemical reaction revealed by Nanoscale study
Tesla, Panasonic sign Gigafactory agreement
BMW invoke fast battery chargers to spark EV sales
Li-ion battery simulator spurs traction battery development
Li-ion batteries market for EVs to quadruple in a decade
Samsung SDI batteries to drive future BMW EVs
Surfer triples Li-ion battery performance with sandy solution
Battery monitoring system improves military vehicle reliability
Multi-cell battery monitors scan 12 to 48-V industrial Li-ion batteries
Mixing quick and conventional charging protects EV batteries
Dual carbon battery charges 20x faster than lithium-ion batteries
Panasonic agrees to back Tesla battery Gigafactory
Battery management reference design needs no shunt resistor
Nanomaterial-packed cathode extends range of EV lithium-sulfur batteries
Battery sensor integrates MCU, CAN and analogue front-end
Li-ion batteries for EVs to surpass $26n by 2023
Tesla car battery fires caused by road debris damage
Fraunhofer, Johnson Controls develop battery cooling solutions
Reference design cuts costs of lithium e-bike batteries
Why Japan leads in electromobility - and why this could change soon
Newswatch: Tesla sketches out roadmap for the future?
Tesla reveals USD5bn lithium-ion battery 'Gigafactory' manufacturing plans
Current sensor offers energy control to future-proof EVs/HEVs
Hydrogen battery aims to replace lithium counter-parts
Is the battery you sell or specify, a potential safety hazard?
Can gum reduce lithium ion battery fire hazard?
35 million electric vehicles to be on the roads worldwide by 2022, predicts Navigant Research
Battery management chip targets e-bikes and HEVs
MIT researchers use modified viruses to boost lithium-air battery performance
Charging controller offers multi-chemistry operation for different battery systems
Panasonic to expand supply of automotive-grade battery cells to Tesla Motors
Battery switch assembly offers very low resistance at high currents
Volvo turns car body into a battery
Single IC enables any portable device to be quickly charged over USB in a car
Research factory develops novel production processes for lithium-ion batteries
Battery data without additional wiring
Extremely fast ion conductors: Another step towards better beatteries
Modular tool facilitates development of battery management systems
Lithium-ion batteries withstand 10.000 charging cycles
Shunt-based management system targets lithium-ion batteries
NXP unveils world's first low VCEsat double transistors in 2-mm x 2-mm leadless package
Volkswagen starts battery production for e-car
High efficiency bidirectional multicell battery balancer
Connectivity, electromobility determine future car architecture
Triple output synchronous DC/DC controller maintains regulation in automotive start/stop systems
Continental and SK Innovation launch traction battery JV
Saft takes control of Nersac lithium-ion battery factory
Research factory will develop and evaluate cost-effective li-ion battery production technologies
SiP provides integrated solution for automotive battery sensing
Li-ion battery monitor chipset ensures battery life in HEVs and EVs
Very accurate battery monitor for HEVs and EVs comes with isolated interface
Research cooperation aims at affordable energy storage for e-cars
High-voltage battery sensor extends Li-ion battery life
70V-tolerant, 12-cell battery sensor extends battery life, supports highest automotive safety rating
RUB researchers create early warning system for vehicle batteries
Research project establishes lithium-ion battery pilot production line
VDE puts battery test center into operation
Cooling agent extends service life of traction batteries
Multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery gas gauge supports wide range lithium battery chemistries
Market researcher predicts "gold rush" for car traction batteries
BMW selects Preh to supply HEV battery management system
Video amplifiers integrate short-to-battery protection and fault detection for automotive video applications
Chip family protects Li-ion batteries in vehicles and power tools
Audi opens li-ion battery competence center
Voltage references deliver ultra-low noise, high accuracy and value for precision applications
Motor controllers for electric vehicle powertrains
BASF acquires materials expert company for Li-ion batteries
Market researcher: Li-ion battery price stays too high for mass adoption of electric vehicles
Boost converter for stop-start applications reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent
Stop-start supercapacitor module enables longer battery life, smaller batteries
DC charging connector system for electric commercial vehicles
BASF reinforces position in lithium-ion battery research
Electric sports vehicle weighs less than 1000 kg
MEMS chip enables battery-free sensors
BMW, Toyota join forces for green technology R&D
Researchers enhance battery electrode specs
Industry's smallest intelligent battery sensor IC offers ADC resolution and lowest sleep mode current
42-V, 750-mA, 2.2-MHz step-down dc/dc converter only requires 2.5-uA quiescent current
Daimler demos innovative hydrogen-powered research vehicle
Bosch builds pilot line for the production of lithium-ion batteries
New architecture promises better battery
IC protects battery packs for e-bikes, power tools
Axeon receives funding to lead electric vehicle battery recycling research
Global electric car production forecast to top 16 million in 2021
dSpace simulation model virtualizes high-voltage batteries
BASF throws its hat into the electromobility ring
TI unveils industry's highest accuracy lithium-ion battery monitor for electric mobility
Axeon receives EU funding for research to reduce size, weight and cost of EV and HEV batteries
Battery R&D seeks to amp up electric vehicles
SB LiMotive subsidiary Cobasys gets battery development contract in USA
Smart battery sensor computes battery status
Li ion battery recycling needs development incentives, market researcher says
NCAP: Electric cars reach high safety ranking
High voltage battery stack monitor enhances HEV/EV battery management systems
Sensor shuts off HV battery during accident
BMW, PSA Peugeot Citroen launch JV for electric components
Top ten of EE Times Automotive in 2010
FIAMM rolls batteries for micro hybrid vehicles
2.1-MHz automotive step-down converters consume 25 microamps offers UN Transport Tests for lithium ion batteries including all certifications
Panasonic invests in e-car manufacturer Tesla
Intersil unveils HEV/EV Li-Ion battery management control solution
Japanese government raises next-gen vehicles estimates
Li-ion batteries: better, cheaper with alternative material
From Li-ion batteries to smart traffic infrastructure – engineers discuss the future of mobility
At Volvo, the body becomes the battery
Daimler starts small serial production of electric A-class
30-V P-channel power MOSFETs offer design flexibility benefits
Research: Li-ion battery has surprisingly small ecological footprint
Green battery, navigation, diagnostic system win Automechanika awards
Isabellenhütte Heusler and austriamicrosystems cooperate on flexible battery sensor ICs
BMW concludes e-car pilot project, targets China
Synchronous monolithic 1-cell Li-Ion/polymer battery charger delivers up to 4-A charge current
AgigA Tech offers highest-density battery-free non-volatile DDR3 for critical data back-up
New IC reduces battery-management system costs by 80 percent in hybrid and electric vehicles
Lithium-ion battery roadmap hints at technology differentiation
Hybrid commercial vehicles market to grow, but...
Volkswagen bundles global e-mobility R&D efforts
Munich University e-car concept brings down TCO
BMW e-car will feature lightweight construction
Compact power electronics systems for vehicles offer power density of 20 kVA/litre
German trio transfers Lithium-ion technology to hybrid-drive trucks
Fraunhofer to display battery management at Hannover fair
General Motors boosts battery research
Autoliv grabs Delphi PSS activities
Electric two-wheelers get rolling, market researcher says
Battery management data acquisition IC offers very high accuracy
Daimler, Nissan in cooperation talks
Integrated lithium-ion battery protection circuit and safety monitor is unveiled by Analog Devices
Battery management circuit features active cell balancing for high-cell-count Li-Ion batteries

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