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BMW announces "big" e-scooter

November 02, 2010 | Christoph Hammerschmidt | 222901178
BMW announces Against the background of increasingly restricted space for individual mobility in urban agglomeration zones BMW plans to intensify its two-wheeler activities targeted at commuters. In this context the company has announced to build an electrically driven big scooter.

During a presentation at the EICMA motorbike trade fair in Milan, BMW announced to enter the market for big scooters – initially with two models equipped with conventional combustion engines, and at a later point in time with an electrically driven model. Hendrik von Kuenheim, General Manager of BMW Motorrad introduced the “Concept C” – the C standing for “Commuting” – design study for the scooters.

The conventional versions of the vehicle will feature a two-cylinder engine and CVT (continuously variable transmission), ABS and an LED headlight. The rear view mirrors will be replaced by two backward-looking video cameras in the rear. Their images will be displayed on two LCD monitors in the cockpit. Also, the instruments for speed, fuel and rpm will be displaced by a large center LCD monitor.

As recently as September, BMW had introduced a small scooter concept study as part of its MINI lifestyle-oriented vehicle brand. In this concept study, a smartphone (apple iPhone) takes the function of all dashboard instruments including navigation.

The Concept C scooters will probably be manufactured at BMWs motorbike works BMW Motorrad in Berlin, von Kuenheim said.

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