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News about Bmw

BMW brings laser light to mass market in 7 series February 5, 2016BMW brings laser light to mass market in 7 series After the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car, the carmaker plans to equip its 7 series luxury sedan with laser headlights. In both cases, the laser module will be provided by Osram. The move signalises that laser light is now ready for mass markets. Read more BMW launches energy storage company January 14, 2016BMW launches energy storage company Electromobility is increasingly becoming a component in a multidisciplinary energy interaction – with the batteries being the pivotal point in the system. The latest move in this game: Carmaker BMW has launched a joint venture with heating systems vendor Viessmann Group. Read more BMW funds battery-less solar storage January 12, 2016BMW funds battery-less solar storage Solar storage has for too long been focused on converting photons to electricity, according to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) project funded by BMW. For instance, if your purpose is to use the solar-to-electricity-battery process to later defrost your windshield, wouldn't it be much more efficient to cut out the middle-man and store the solar photons inside the transparent polymer inside every windshield, then later release it directly as phonons (heat) for defrosting? Read more Visual, haptic, smart: Innovative HMI tech at CES January 7, 2016Visual, haptic, smart: Innovative HMI tech at CES The interaction between driver and vehicle, almost unchanged over decades, is arriving in the digital age. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, novel approaches give ideas how digitisation affects the way drivers will control their vehicles in the future. Read more BMW's fastest production road car premieres OLED technology October 8, 2015BMW's fastest production road car premieres OLED technology BMW has revealed the company's fastest production road car the brand has ever offered to customers. The BMW M4 GTS also marks the world premiere of BMW's Organic Light with LED (OLED) lighting technology on a series-production model. Read more
Two-Wheelers will get connected, too
Car key enables bi-directional communications
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Automotive electronics complexity at tipping point, study warns
How the HERE takeover impacts the digital map market
German carmaker trio grabs Nokia’s map service
Fuel cell technology approaches in the passing lane
On the search for more power efficiency in electric powertrains
BMW showcases intelligent parking search
BMW seeks design flexibility through tri-motor concept
BMW, Alpinestars bring airbag to motorbikes
BMW connects car, home with smartphone app
Femtocell improves in-car mobile connectivity
OLED exterior lighting soon in series vehicles, Osram says
BMW spotlights advanced lighting technologies in M4 model
BMW shows automated valet parking with GPS-less navigation
BMW develops data goggles for drivers
BMW sees major changes at its C-level
BMW, Tesla in talks about car battery alliance
Carmakers lead German industry in R&D spending
BMW joins forces with Baidu for automated driving
Faster charging with BMW's Wallbox 2.0
Autosar reference integration already contains future features
Automotive sensor interface helps BMW manage battery performance
Parkmobile signs mobile payment agreement with the BMW Group
Connected EVs drive further, project finds
BMW connects car through Smartwatch app
BMW invoke fast battery chargers to spark EV sales
Samsung SDI batteries to drive future BMW EVs
Inductive charging takes shape at BMW and Daimler
Toyota rolls fuel cell vehicle to series production
E-car research project sets efficiency standards
Combiner approach makes head-up displays affordable
Analysis: Watch out for the robot car!
BMW showcases solar charging station for e-cars
BMW updates navigation maps via mobile radio connection
BMW has most advanced connectivity, study says
BMW Laserlights to hit streets in autumn 2014
Hella creates eye-catcher with curved OLEDs
BMW sports car sparks laser light revolution
What EV charging technologies to watch for in 2014
Electromobility, Formula One and the Fatal Consequences of Bad Software Design: The top ten stories of 2013
BMW, CleanCharge demo cross-provider charging for e-cars
BMW joins AVnu Alliance for Ethernet technology
Communication among vehicles can reduce traffic accidents, trial shows
BMW rolls out its first serial electrical vehicle
Software platform enables Europe-wide e-car charging
Continental, BMW bundle R&D forces for automatic driving
Connectivity, electromobility determine future car architecture
BMW gives hydrogen technology another chance
BMW tests e-car long-term behaviour with commuters
BMW brings LTE connectivity to its vehicles (and others)
Carmakers need more software competencies, BMW expert says
BMW drives Connected Car into the cyberspace
BMW, Local Motors team up to identify future functions for urban premium vehicles
German joint industry project develops safer EV traction batteries
In the BMW 7 Series, numerous microprocessors ease driver's life
Study names leading carmakers in technology partnerships
Enhanced ConnectedDrive offers 3D representation, blends infotainment and navigation
BMW: Silicon Valley honks at Detroit
BMW selects Preh to supply HEV battery management system
Software development poses unfamiliar challenges to automotive value chain
Light but safe: Research project aims at a high-volume urban e-car
BMW brings plug-in hybrid roadster to the extremes
Continental brings second-generation head-up displays to series 3 BMW
BMW, Daimler, Bosch and others launch e-mobility data JV
Broadcom rolls broadest automotive Ethernet product portfolio
BMW, Toyota join forces for green technology R&D
Broadcom, NXP, Freescale and Harman join forces to establish in-car Ethernet
BMW honors innovative suppliers - most of them electronics or software providers
Assistant system checks driver's health condition - during the ride
Siemens, BMW develop high-speed EV charging system
Ethernet succeeds in automotive environments
German OEMs demo universal e-car charging system
One radio, multiple standards: BMW, Eurecom implement SDR car solution
Research project aims at affordable safety through shared sensors
BMW develops laser-based headlight technology
German carmakers agree on 48V on-board supply, charging plug
Autosar core partners reveal roll-out plans
Intersection assistant systems make use of car-to-x communications
BMW expands its activities in China
BMW connects MINI drivers to social networks
Research project enhances robustness of electronic automotive components
ZF, BMW, Infineon develop hybrid transmission with built-on power electronics
BMW brings new HMI concept to Geneva Motor Show
BMW taps swarm intelligence for real-time traffic info
BMW, PSA Peugeot Citroen launch JV for electric components
Magneti Marelli, Wind River provide Genivi-compliant infotainment platform for BMW
Automatic driving: The technology is (almost) ready, BMW says
Top ten of EE Times Automotive in 2010
Cars converge on Brussels as eCall trial kicks off
BMW announces "big" e-scooter
BMW launches telematics interface 2.0
BMW, PSA cooperate on hybrid engine development
BMW demos consumer electronics integration – with a scooter
BMW concludes e-car pilot project, targets China
Home media server embraces car infotainment
BMW integrates iPod and iPhone into its vehicles
BMW e-car will feature lightweight construction
Auto hack: What the industry says
Beyond FlexRay: BMW airs Ethernet plans
Crash test verifies: driver assistants can mitigate crash forces
Autosar has new spokesperson
Siemens, BMW in car-to-infrastructure project
How Autosar helps reduce electronics complexity

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