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News about Bosch

Suzuki rolls connected, Genivi-based infotainment system November 6, 2015Suzuki rolls connected, Genivi-based infotainment system With its new infotainment system currently rolled out in various models, Japanese carmaker Suzuki demonstrates what is possible today in terms of connectivity. The system, based on the Genivi 5.0 operating system platform, offers an unusual variety of connectivity options. Read more Bosch drives development of both batteries and fuel cells October 13, 2015Bosch drives development of both batteries and fuel cells Will future electric cars drive with better batteries or fuel cells? Automotive supplier Bosch gives a sibylline answer: Both. The company has stated its goal in the battery development more precisely – and at the same time introduced an electronic control unit for fuel cells. Read more Next-gen ADAS focus on urban driving October 8, 2015Next-gen ADAS focus on urban driving With a number of seriously interesting results these days the UR:BAN research project has been finalised. 31 partners – OEMs, tier ones, research institutes and other entities – jointly presented new approaches and algorithms for future driver assistance systems. ADAS systems clearly get more intelligent, and they increasingly interact with traffic management. Read more Bosch, TomTom develop digital maps for automated cars July 21, 2015Bosch, TomTom develop digital maps for automated cars While in industry rumours about an proposed acquisition of Nokia's mapping service HERE by a consortium of German automakers are circulating, Bosch creates facts: In a continuation of a proven collaboration, the automotive supplier will jointly develop the maps for automated vehicles with TomTom N.V. Read more Research project combines valet parking, battery charging July 15, 2015Research project combines valet parking, battery charging In the V-Charge project, six research partners are currently developing applications around autonomous and, in some cases, electric vehicles. The focus of the project is on methods and algorithms enabling vehicles to autonomously park, charge its batteries and get back to its user as soon at it is summoned. Read more
Multiprocessing platform for powerful car computers
Sensata climbs automotive MEMS ranking
Bosch adjusts course for future mobility requirements
Continental swallows Elektrobit’s automotive branch
Emergency brake relies solely on video signal
MEMS based lighting control optimises road illumination
Automotive chip reliability: A matter of design methods
Bosch seeks to hire thousands of engineers
Bosch to launch business unit for motorbike electronics
Bosch CEO predicts cheaper batteries, networked traffic
MEMS acceleration sensor widens application spectrum in vehicles
Bosch bets on synergies between electromobility and connectivity
Study: Asia leads automotive innovation
Google opens the hood of its self-driving car … a little bit
Software-Defined Car, IoT and Virtual Car Keys: The top ten stories in 2014
Bosch brings electronic fuel system, connectivity to Asian motorbikes
Research project significantly improves electronics reliability
ZF swallows TRW Automotive to form world's second largest supplier
ZF withdraws from joint venture with Bosch
XCore architecture attracts Bosch investment
Reducing energy consumption for e-cars - in small increments
Smartphone app updates traffic sign data base
Top ten automotive MEMS sensor vendors ranked
Combiner approach makes head-up displays affordable
Conductive lubricants protect electric motors
Bosch develops ECUs for fuel cell vehicles
Continental cranks up radar sensor production
Automotive MEMS: A changing global landscape
MEMS sensors address airbags, body applications
The MEMS market - who are the winners, the losers
Bosch Engineering co-develops electric sports vehicle
Bosch returns to traction battery business with new JV
Audi, Bosch get granular on GaN
Test and simulation environment to improve power module reliability for e-cars
Blaupunkt to fuse with brightONE unit
Bosch suggests cars to coast for better fuel efficiency
Electromobility, Formula One and the Fatal Consequences of Bad Software Design: The top ten stories of 2013
Kvaser proposes backward-compatible, high-bandwidth CAN version
MEMS sensor measures acceleration, yaw rate in six axes
Stability control reaches motorbikes
Bosch interconnects vehicle dynamic systems for customized driving behavior
E-car motor fits into school backpack
Battery data without additional wiring
Xilinx Zynq programmable SoCs run motor-sport ECUs
EMiLE integrates power electronics into motor
Bosch drives down fuel consumption - in a salami technique
Software platform enables Europe-wide e-car charging
Bosch tests automatic driving on the Autobahn
Bosch highlights radar technology for safety-relevant driver assistant systems
Bosch, PSA Citroen develop hybrid drive with effective energy recuperation
Project creates data exchange formats for efficient HMI development processes
Continental and SK Innovation launch traction battery JV
Bosch steps on the gas for traction battery development
Three-axis sensor for ESP applications is equipped with vibration damper
Audi-led research project develops e-mobility platform
Bosch draws up diesel exhaust gas treatment from Deutz and Eberspächer
Lean-angle sensor for motorbikes measures five dynamic parameters
Bosch optimizes ABS for all-terrain motorbikes
Bosch builds new centre for research and advanced engineering
Crash detectors determines collision severity
European consortium develops monolithic 122-GHz radar sensor
First 28-volt alternators with LIN interface
Bosch withdraws from battery JV with Samsung
Bosch improves emission behavior for marine diesels
Research project digs into thermal management for e-cars
High-end ESP brings comfort and safety to drivers
Technology platform enables next-gen digital car radios
Winners at the Le Mans endurance race take Bosch under their hood
Bosch expands automotive electronics activities in Romania
Bosch expands infotainment business in Asia
Better driving range though energy management
Bosch takes Open Kernel Labs into the center stack
BMW, Daimler, Bosch and others launch e-mobility data JV
Bosch to launch automotive sensor production in Romania
Bosch rolls updated navigation app for Apple platforms
SyEnA project makes safety systems affordable
Bosch shrinks engine management sensor dramatically
Bosch, Mennekes ink EV charging infrastructure cooperation
Exhaust gas treatment system for off-road vehicles connect to CAN bus
Open Source tool speeds CAN bus related developments
Bosch, Freescale collaborate on airbag platform
Bosch builds pilot line for the production of lithium-ion batteries
New Bosch lambda sensors are smaller, more accurate
Pedal travel sensor offers wear-free operation, high safety
Bosch, Daimler, launch e-car motors JV
Bosch to provide infotainment system for Suzuki SX4
Bosch invests billions in automotive technology, sketches autonomous driving scenario
Research project enhances robustness of electronic automotive components
Bosch, Daimler join forces for e-car motors
Bosch receives PSA Peugeot Citroën Suppliers' Award
Automotive semiconductor market sees major shift
Bosch, Opel develop innovative infotainment system
Bosch automotive handbook highlights current topics
Ethernet to gain ground in automotive applications, Bosch predicts
Blaupunkt introduces telematics division
Bosch, TomTom and others join Genivi
Top ten of EE Times Automotive in 2010
Bosch integrates pressure sensor into motorcycle ABS
Bosch strengthens position in aftermarket diagnostics
EU Commission plans to mandate ABS for motorbikes
Research projects explores GaN for automotive, solar applications
Bosch offers pressure sensor for transmissions and air-conditioning systems
Bosch Motorsport steps on the gas with race-car injection system
Bosch rolls smaller two-axes airbag sensors
Citroën C4 looks over its shoulders with a Bosch side-view assistant
Automotive electronics between challenges and synergies
Electronic assistants climb into truck driver's cab
ECU diagnosis tester from Bosch für trucks and buses
Bosch to show plethora of automotive chips at Electronica
Bosch rolls baseline generator for low-price cars
Bosch airs all-electric vehicle strategy
Brose tops automotive electronics growth ranking
Bosch Car Multimedia takes Linux inside
Cost-effective airbag control unit from Bosch
Auto hack: What the industry says
Bosch sees massive challenges ahead for automotive electronics
Bosch launches volume production of cost-optimized steering angle sensor
Bosch jumps on e-bike bandwagon
64-bit graphics processor powers Audi A8 instrument cluster
Jaguar equips XJ model with Bosch head unit
Bosch heads back to black figures
Bosch makes Esitronik workshop software more versatile
Bosch launches 200mm wafer fab
Japanese OEMs join forces on e-car charging standard

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