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Continental joins OPEN Alliance Ethernet consortium

January 31, 2012 | Christoph Hammerschmidt | 222902037
Continental joins OPEN Alliance Ethernet consortium Automotive supplier Continental AG is a new member of the OPEN Alliance SIG (One Pair Ether-Net Alliance Special Interest Group). The group is dedicated to spreading the use of Ethernet networks as the standard solution for in-vehicle applications. Continental's move is not much of a surprise: The company has highlighted its commitment to Ethernet already at earlier opportunities.
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"We regard Ethernet as the ideal solution for system integration in vehicle electronics. In the OPEN Alliance SIG, we can define standards across the industry, and thus minimize development costs. This means we are on the right road for quickly going into production with Ethernet," said Helmut Matschi, Member of Continentals executive board and head of the interior division, regarding the company's joining the OPEN Alliance.

Spurred on by the success and performance of Ethernet networking in other areas of industry, Continental said it started investigating opportunities to use Ethernet in the automotive environment already in 2007. In line with this, fundamental research regarding the use of Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP) in cars was conducted as part of the SEIS (Safety in Embedded IP-based Systems) project sponsored by the German federal research ministry. In the combination of IP and Ethernet, the individual network nodes exchange data at speeds of 100 Mbit per second in the current technical setup. In addition to the data transfer rate, the particular Ethernet derivative used in the OPEN Alliance impressed the Continental technologists with its uncomplicated and cost-effective cabling. Nothing more than a two-wire, drilled – and unshielded! – copper cable connects the network nodes.

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