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News about Continental

Continental acquires British engineering partner Zytek April 3, 2014Continental acquires British engineering partner Zytek The British automotive industry is recovering - perhaps slowly, but steadily. Now tier one Continental has acquired 100 percent of its joint venture Zytek Automotive. With the move, Continental wants to expand its presence in the British market. Read more Configurable telematics box connects cars worldwide March 28, 2014Configurable telematics box connects cars worldwide With a configurable telematics platform, automotive supplier Continental is addressing the requirements of the Connected Car. The module supports multiple mobile radio standards including LTE; with its download bandwidth of up to 100 Mbit/s it bundles a wide diversity of car-related connectivity services. Read more Continental cranks up radar sensor production March 26, 2014Continental cranks up radar sensor production Automotive supplier Continental has announced to ramp up its production of short-range radar sensors in the USA. These sensors are a crucial element in advanced driver assistance systems. With the move, Continental intensifies the competition against market leader Bosch. Read more Higher supply voltage, better mileage: Continental, Schaeffler show how March 18, 2014Higher supply voltage, better mileage: Continental, Schaeffler show how In a joint project, automotive suppliers Continental and Schaeffler prove that there is still significant headroom for better fuel efficiency in conventional combustion engines. For their demo car they used an engine that already had been honoured for its excellent efficiency - and still achieved a 15 % increase in mileage. Read more One hardware, multiple domains: virtualising is the answer February 25, 2014One hardware, multiple domains: virtualising is the answer Automotive head units increasingly are becoming the place where multiple application worlds and functional domains meet - from safety-relevant assistant systems to infotainment and internet access. Virtualisation, a software technique common in commercial IT and avionics, keeps these different data and software worlds securely separated. Read more
Continental, Infineon widen powertrain activities
Parking brake gets electrified in all vehicle categories
Test and simulation environment to improve power module reliability for e-cars
Continental sees new challenges for automotive HMIs
Continental, HERE jointly drive towards the electronic horizon
Continental to showcase first concepts jointly developed with IBM
Haptic feedback touchpad contributes to driving safety
Continental shrinks motorbike ABS
Surround view system detects pedestrians, bicyclists in blind spot
Continental taps IBM for connected car developments
Infotainment platform integrates driver assistant functions
Active seatbelt reduces severity of injuries
Continental to close gap in hybrid solutions
Continental supplies powertrain for Renault's e-car Zoe
Continental, Oerlikon collaborate on HEV and EV powertrains
65-nm ARM Flash MCU controls electronic brake
Continental, BMW bundle R&D forces for automatic driving
Continental shows system to fight driver distraction
Continental launches new R&D facility for driver assistance systems
Tire sensors detect vehicle weight
Continental and SK Innovation launch traction battery JV
Accurate position sensor helps BLDC motor in transmission control unit to run smoothly
Continental rolls out schedule for automatic driving
TFT screens enter motorbike dashboards
Continental sketches car-to-x landscape
Double-layer capacitor powers start-stop system
Camera and LIDAR sensor in a single unit for advanced driver assistant systems
Continental launches three new product lines in China
Top view camera assist for trucks and buses
Continental selects Infineon security devices for digital tachographs
Digital tachograph offers remote download, improved security
Automatic post-crash braking technology reduces risk of secondary accidents
Continental provides upgradeable infotainment system for Fiat
Continental to combine passive safety with undercarriage and safety sensors
Continental dedicates new tech center to piezo ignition
Continental presents technologies for the transition to electric powertrains
Continental integrates engine control and energy flow management into one system
Software development poses unfamiliar challenges to automotive value chain
Continental shrinks EV power electronics module by one third
Better driving range though energy management
Continental brings second-generation head-up displays to series 3 BMW
Continental to present gesture control at Chicago Auto Show
Continental joins OPEN Alliance Ethernet consortium
SK Innovation, Continental announce Li-ion battery JV
Continental to roll out Ethernet in all automotive domains
Gentex, Continental grab extra 10% of car camera market
Highly exact position sensor enables car2x applications
Ethernet succeeds in automotive environments
Fuel quality sensor helps adapting cars to different fuel qualities
Research project aims at affordable safety through shared sensors
Sensor combines GPS and driving dynamics data
Continental brings high-end HMI to volume segment
Continental expands ECU production in Russia
HAVEit project proves series maturity of automatic driving
Symtavision joins efforts with AUTOSAR modelling tool vendors
Continental acquires Magna International's radar engineering unit
ASIC chip set helps put Continental's crash prevention system on the road
Continental to employ stereo vision for driver assistance systems
Research project aims at stacked multi-sensor systems
Highly automated driving takes shape
Connected cars fill frequency bands and swamp address schemes
Continental center stack brings ergonomics to displays
Continental equips electrical-powered light truck with occupant safety system
Consortium develops technology for switchable drive batteries
Continental, NXP to integrate NFC into cars
Sensor shuts off HV battery during accident
Continental sketches intelligent on-board car charging architecture
Ford Focus brings emergency brake assist to compact class
Continental opens another factory in China
Continental launches brake JV in China
Low-grip conditions early warning system uses sensor fusion
Pressure sensor increases pedestrian's chances of survival in an accident
Electronic assistants climb into truck driver's cab
Hirschmann Car Communication develops ultra-small antenna
Tire communicates with smartphone
Continental box locates vehicles - worldwide
DIANA research project aims at automotive electronics diagnostic capabilities
Affordable start-stop system for ultra-compact cars
Brose tops automotive electronics growth ranking
Driver assistant system supports drivers in roadworks sites
German trio transfers Lithium-ion technology to hybrid-drive trucks
Ethernet could integrate automotive infotainment, study says
Autosar has new spokesperson
Intelligent antenna module for Connected Cars

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