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News about Daimler

Next-gen ADAS focus on urban driving October 8, 2015Next-gen ADAS focus on urban driving With a number of seriously interesting results these days the UR:BAN research project has been finalised. 31 partners – OEMs, tier ones, research institutes and other entities – jointly presented new approaches and algorithms for future driver assistance systems. ADAS systems clearly get more intelligent, and they increasingly interact with traffic management. Read more Daimler tests self-driving truck on public highway October 5, 2015Daimler tests self-driving truck on public highway Carmaker Daimler has performed the first test drive with a self-driving truck on public roads. The test drive took place past week on Autobahn A8 near Stuttgart, a stretch known for its high traffic density. In contrast to earlier trials, the company this time used a series vehicle, equipped for partially automated driving on highways. Read more Daimler to step into the ring against Tesla with own e-car design September 7, 2015Daimler to step into the ring against Tesla with own e-car design In the wake of the imminent Tesla X SUV rollout, competitor Daimler leaks information about an own electric car with an acceptable driving range. Already some time ago, the German luxury car maker has terminated quietly its collaboration with Tesla regarding the powertrain for the electric version of its B-series compact car. Read more How the HERE takeover impacts the digital map market August 3, 2015How the HERE takeover impacts the digital map market The bidding consortium of Audi, BMW and Daimler AG now has officially announced the acquisition of Nokia’s mapping and location services business HERE. The move has major implications on the competitive landscape of real-time traffic and location based information services. Read more German carmaker trio grabs Nokia’s map service July 21, 2015German carmaker trio grabs NokiaÂ’s map service In the bidding contest about Nokia’s digital road maps service HERE, a consortium of three German carmakers seems to have prevailed. According to media reports, Audi, BMW and Daimler have been awarded the contract at a surprisingly low price. Read more
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Is there a future for the MOST bus?
Daimler to test autonomous driving in California
Radar-based blind spot assist to eliminate collisions during turning
BMW invoke fast battery chargers to spark EV sales
Inductive charging takes shape at BMW and Daimler
Daimler introduces robot truck concept
Toyota rolls fuel cell vehicle to series production
E-car research project sets efficiency standards
Active tilting function: Mercedes cars lean into bends
BMW has most advanced connectivity, study says
Traffic flow: Cooperative systems beat driver assistance
Micro smart grid plugs renewables into EV fleets
Daimler, Ferrari, Volvo take Apple inside
Daimler S-class comes with MOST150
Wearables in cars - a long way to go for app designers
Daimler transplants Tesla drive into B-Class Benz
Daimler, KIT send autonomous vehicle on historic course
Research project makes HMI development data interchangeable
Elektrobit moves up the food chain in ADAS software development
Daimler brings car-to-x technology to production vehicles
Software platform enables Europe-wide e-car charging
Telematics enter off-road and truck markets
Daimler, Deutsche Telekom collaborate on automotive telematics
Daimler, Ford and Nissan join forces for zero-emission technology
Automatic traffic sign recognition fights wrong-way driving on motorways
Daimler integrates Apple's Siri to Mercedes
German joint industry project develops safer EV traction batteries
Research project digs into thermal management for e-cars
Study names leading carmakers in technology partnerships
BMW, Daimler, Bosch and others launch e-mobility data JV
Audi, Daimler infotainment systems take center stage at CES
Akka technologies buys into Daimler's tech branch
Fuel cell carmakers and industry highlight zero emission mobility
Daimler presents comprehensively integrated infotainment system
German OEMs demo universal e-car charging system
Daimler demos innovative hydrogen-powered research vehicle
Bosch, Daimler, launch e-car motors JV
Split-voltage E/E architecture takes shape
German carmakers agree on 48V on-board supply, charging plug
Inductive e-car charging emerges as alternative to conductive charging
Autosar core partners reveal roll-out plans
Bosch, Daimler join forces for e-car motors
Daimler, Audi declare MOST150 ready for mass production
MOST Forum discusses technology and challenges of infotainment backbone
Fuel cell cars on the long march to the market
MOST Cooperation announces program for MOST Forum
Daimler electrifies trucks
Daimler starts small serial production of electric A-class
Daimler to provide Most Forum keynote speech, call for speakers open
Daimler selects SMSC Kleer technology for infotainment system
Daimler, BYD of China join forces to develop e-cars
E-van fleet test aims at optimizing telematics
Autosar has new spokesperson
Daimler, Nissan in cooperation talks

Technical papers
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