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News about Elmos

Triple LED controller for rear lamps December 17, 2014Triple LED controller for rear lamps The IC family E522.80 / 81 / 82 83 from Elmos AG is an LED controller device, designed for applications like automotive rear lights. The devices offer three channels each, with a maximum current of 140 mA. The channels can be switched in parallel to achieve currents up to 420 mA. Read more Research project significantly improves electronics reliability October 29, 2014Research project significantly improves electronics reliability The RESCAR 2.0 research project helps to improve reliability and resilience of electronic systems in vehicles, in particular in electric ones. The project, led by chipmaker Infineon and concluded recently, also helps car manufacturers to align increasingly fast design cycles with rising complexity of the electronics landscape in vehicles. Read more USB charger IC meets automotive qualifications September 22, 2014USB charger IC meets automotive qualifications Charging the batteries of music players or smartphones through a USB interface is commonplace. In cars however, the matter is slightly more complicated, and that's why Elmos Semiconductor has developed its E522.41 chip. The IC supports all USB charging downstream loads according to the Battery Charging Specifications (rev. 1.2). In addition, it emulates all currently known specific USB charging devices. Read more R&D project targets fully adaptive automotive lighting May 23, 2014R&D project targets fully adaptive automotive lighting A perfect illumination is a major safety factor in road traffic. An R&D project in Germany aims at developing a fully adaptive lighting system for road vehicles. The consortium involved covers the entire value chain - from liquid crystals to semiconductors, PCBs and optical systems. Read more Power supply IC protects automotive antenna amplifiers December 11, 2013Power supply IC protects automotive antenna amplifiers Modern cars are equipped with up to six active antennae for data communication, mobile telephony and similar tasks. Chipmaker Elmos AG has devised a power supply IC which not only provides the right voltage for the amplifiers integrated in these antennae but also offers multiple protection functions. Read more
Safety IC has pressure sensor inside
Elmos signs distribution agreement with MSC
FlexRay not dead, chip vendors claim
Star coupler links two FlexRay systems
RGB LED driver offers BSM addressing for LIN bus
DC/DC converter powers in-vehicle microcontrollers and dashboards
Current sensor achieves high accuracy by utilizing the AMR effect
Better driving range though energy management
Geiselhart replaces Hoellisch at Elmos
Efficient high-voltage LED controller for harsh environments
Triggering synergies in the automotive and consumer markets
PSI5 interface chip is first component worldwide to pass conformance test
Motor driver integrates LIN/PWM interface and controller supply
Elmos equips signal readout chip with SENT interface
Elmos chipset implements automotive start-stop function
Research project enhances robustness of electronic automotive components
Elmos FlexRay star coupler meets EPL V3.0 specs
CAN controller enables partial CAN bus activation
Step-down converter features high efficiency at low load
BLDC motor controller detects rotor position from zero to maximum rpm
Elmos rolls DC motor control ASSP
Chip implements gesture recognition for innovative HMIs

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