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News about Ethernet

Mentor inlcudes Ethernet into AUTOSAR tools February 8, 2015Mentor inlcudes Ethernet into AUTOSAR tools Mentor Graphics now offers Automotive Ethernet support in its Volcano VSA product for network design of both AUTOSAR-based and non-AUTOSAR electronic control units (ECUs). Read more Ethernet comes to ADAS with megapixel camera November 17, 2014Ethernet comes to ADAS with megapixel camera At electronica, Micrel together with Silicon Micro Systems announced a brand new HDR-CMOS megapixel Ethernet camera for automotive and industrial systems. Read more MOST Cooperation: Change at the administrator level November 14, 2014MOST Cooperation: Change at the administrator level Henry Muyshondt from Microchip Technology succeeds Rainer Klos as the administrator of the MOST Cooperation. Muyshondt will continue to establish MOST150 as the infotainment data bus of choice among carmakers, and he will face the challenging task of leading the MOST technology into the future. Read more Freescale extends development environment for in-vehicle Ethernet October 23, 2014Freescale extends development environment for in-vehicle Ethernet An automotive hardware/software solution streamlines development of infotainment systems incorporating Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (AVB) for the connected car. Read more Is there a future for the MOST bus? October 1, 2014Is there a future for the MOST bus? In no other domain in the car, the technological evolution is advancing more rapidly than in the infotainment sector. Nevertheless, the MOST data networking technology seems to maintain its position as the king of the infotainment networking hill - though its latest iteration, MOST150 has been introduced already seven years ago. But for how long? Read more
Testing BroadR-Reach Ethernet with oscilloscope
Renesas prepares Ethernet AVB infotainment platform
Freescale, Broadcom bring surround view to automotive mainstream
Configurable telematics box connects cars worldwide
Daimler S-class comes with MOST150
Domain controllers concept gains traction, says TTTech
Ethernet to redefine E/E architectures, expert says
Standard technologies set to displace classical automotive ecosystems
Power over Ethernet for automotive use at no additional system cost
"Future automotive applications need incredibly more computing power"
Tektronix bolsters midrange oscilloscope offering with automotive Ethernet analysis
"No car will be an island"
BMW joins AVnu Alliance for Ethernet technology
NXP, TTTech jointly develop automotive Ethernet switch chips
Infotainment platform integrates driver assistant functions
Ethernet AVB comes in complete package
Multicore microcontroller delivers low cost daisy-chain Ethernet audio
Interface box connects to CAN and Ethernet
Ethernet timing analysis targets CAN, FlexRay and AUTOSAR-based ECUs
Research project targets Ethernet as data backbone in vehicles
Fraunhofer develops automotive TCP/IP protocol stack tests
Tool supports automotive Ethernet configuration
Cadence enriches automotive Ethernet ecosystem with design and verification IP
Car industry should benefit from semiconductor economies of scale, NXP suggests
Multicore support, Ethernet are next goals for Autosar
MOST150 goes for a drive in the new Audi A3
In-car networking (save FlexRay), smart image systems drive electronics development, expert says
Ethernet-based communications for motor vehicles support the OPEN Alliance SIG
Ethernet enters infotainment domain - on the back of the MOST bus
MOST Forum 2012: MOST Cooperation releases MOST150 onto the road
Ethernet AVB development kit for open network standard automotive infotainment applications
Broadcom rolls broadest automotive Ethernet product portfolio
MOST Forum 2012 to focus on automotive Ethernet, application integration
Continental to roll out Ethernet in all automotive domains
Broadcom, NXP, Freescale and Harman join forces to establish in-car Ethernet
Automotive multi-bus gateway is PSI5 (V2.0) ready
Ethernet succeeds in automotive environments
MOST Cooperation demonstrates integration of Ethernet-based devices with MOST
Broadcom, Freescale, Omnivision bring Ethernet to parking assistance system
Infotainment designers prefer MOST technology
Car electronics build bridges to the IT world
Freescale tailors MCU for Ethernet-based vehicle applications
Renesas rolls range of 4G microcontrollers with support for Ethernet, MOST networks
Ethernet to gain ground in automotive applications, Bosch predicts
Microchip expands PIC microcontroller family with Ethernet, CAN and USB connectivity
STMicroelectronics I/O Hub aims at automotive infotainment
Harting expands connectivity solutions for in-vehicle networks
SerDes to play key role in infotainment electronics, NatSemi says
Data encryption for embedded vehicle systems
Beyond FlexRay: BMW airs Ethernet plans
TTTech delivers distributed avionics test bed to Sikorsky Aircraft
Ethernet could integrate automotive infotainment, study says

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