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News about Flexray

“Autosar should reflect electromobility challenges” June 16, 2015“Autosar should reflect electromobility challenges” In-car networking, automated driving and connectivity applications greatly increase the amount of data circulating in vehicles. Do today’s development tools keep up with the challenges arising from this new paradigm? EE Times Europe spoke with Helmut Schelling, co-founder of software tool vendor Vector Informatik GmbH. Read more Vector tool supports upcoming CAN FD standard March 17, 2015Vector tool supports upcoming CAN FD standard CAN FD is expected to establish itself as the automotive data bus or the future, replacing at least in part entrenched standards like the traditional CAN bus and the FlexRay data bus. Taking this development into account, software tool vendor Vector announced that he is supporting the upcoming ISO11898-1:2015 ISO standard for both CAN and CAN FD in version 8.5 of its CANoe development, simulation and test tool and CANalyzer analysis tool. Read more Interface connects FlexRay to PC September 23, 2014Interface connects FlexRay to PC To meet the growing demand for small, portable vehicle bus / PC interfaces capable of operating without separate power supply, ETAS GmbH has developed the ES583 FlexRay USB module. The product complements ETAS' existing offerings for CAN bus interfaces. Read more Timing design tool gets support for FlexRay, Autosar 3.x/4.x September 9, 2014Timing design tool gets support for FlexRay, Autosar 3.x/4.x At its customer conference this week, software tool vendor Symtavision will preview the latest release of its SymTA/S system-level timing design and verification tool. The new release - it bears version number 3.6 - features improvements in system distribution analysis performance, memory usage, multicore data consistency analysis and support for the FlexRay high-speed data bus as well as for the Autosar 3.x/4.x software environments. In addition, it offers analysis of start-up behaviour and trace import. Read more Active tilting function: Mercedes cars lean into bends June 2, 2014Active tilting function: Mercedes cars lean into bends Daimler has introduced an active tilting function for its new Mercedes S-Class Coupé. The system identifies curves with help of a stereo camera and a lateral acceleration sensor - an innovative application of sensor fusion. Read more
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ams FlexRay transceiver gains design win
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NXP FlexRay transceivers support 48V supply
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Digital oscilloscope features 500 MHz bandwidth, CAN / Flexray analysis
LeCroy rolls automotive data bus analyzer packages
New option for Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes allows FlexRay interface testing
Continental to roll out Ethernet in all automotive domains
Austriamicrosystems announces industry's first FlexRay transceiver for high temperature applications
Automotive multi-bus gateway is PSI5 (V2.0) ready
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