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News about Freescale

NXP, Freescale merger clears FTC hurdle November 26, 2015NXP, Freescale merger clears FTC hurdle NXP Semiconductors NV (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) has received clearance from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) for the sale of its RF power amplifier business to Chinese state-controlled Jianguang Asset Management Co. Ltd. Read more Freescale specs analog IC for motorcycles' ABS October 6, 2015Freescale specs analog IC for motorcycles' ABS Measuring only 7x7mm, Freescale Semiconductor’s SB0400 and SB0401 analog ICs were specifically engineered for motorcycle and scooter’s anti-lock braking systems (ABS), helping ECU manufacturers reduce the cost, size and weight of the electronic control units. Read more Freescale grabs CogniVue for its image cognition IP September 10, 2015Freescale grabs CogniVue for its image cognition IP Increasingly, driver assistance systems are using machine vision techniques to identify safety-relevant situations in dense traffic. To further solidify its position in the market of vision-processing automotive systems, chipmaker Freescale now has announced to acquire CogniVue Corp. The start-up company is said to be a leading provider of image cognition IP. Read more Continental to integrate 77 GHz radar technology from Freescale July 22, 2015Continental to integrate 77 GHz radar technology from Freescale Freescale Semiconductor and Continental have announced plans to integrate the next 77 GHz radar technology from Freescale into Continental’s next generation short- and mid-range automotive radar modules. Read more GHS extends tool chain & RTOs to Freescale's S32V200 Vision Processor July 20, 2015GHS extends tool chain & RTOs to Freescale's S32V200 Vision Processor Green Hills Software has configured its platform for ADAS, including the Integrity real-time operating system (RTOS) and 64-bit Multi development tools, for the Freescale S32V200 automotive vision processor featuring quad ARM Cortex-A53 cores with dedicated vision processors cores. Read more
Automotive King Redefines Future
Freescale S32 ups automotive ante
Hi-rel versions of Freescale Power-architecture, high-end MPUs – from e2v
Sensata climbs automotive MEMS ranking
Continental swallows Elektrobit’s automotive branch
NXP / Freescale: A chipmaker takes shape
Ruggedized Tire Pressure Sensor Raises Bar
Auto chip market: upheaval ahead
NXP to focus on all CMOS radar
Freescale unveils vision SoC for accident-free cars
Opinion: What the NXP/Freescale takeover means for automotive electronics
NXP, Freescale plan mega merger
Software-Defined Car, IoT and Virtual Car Keys: The top ten stories in 2014
Fast track automotive development with Freescale Kinetis
Freescale to offer OpenCL platform for ADAS and autonomous driving systems development
Freescale extends development environment for in-vehicle Ethernet
Freescale rolls smallest TPMS module
Infineon's secret weapon: Dresden Fab, 48V car battery
Battery-pack controller manages 14-cell lithium ion sources to ASIL-C
Wireless charging reference design targets smartphones in cars
Top ten automotive MEMS sensor vendors ranked
Automotive processor get ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified code tools
Triple alliance has platform for camera-based ADAS
"IoT and the car is like a gift for Freescale"
Battery sensor integrates MCU, CAN and analogue front-end
Freescale takes instrument cluster graphics to a new level
Freescale, Broadcom bring surround view to automotive mainstream
IAR tools for Freescale HCS12 updated
Automotive MEMS: A changing global landscape
Freescale mourns employees on missing Malaysian flight
Solenoid controller improves efficiency of direct fuel injection engines
Electromobility, Formula One and the Fatal Consequences of Bad Software Design: The top ten stories of 2013
CAN transceivers address tough EMC requirements
Freescale to collaborate with ROHM to deliver innovative automotive solutions
Freescale's Freedom for EMI-tolerant MCU range available from Farnell
Freescale Radar chipset makes ADAS more affordable
In Formula One, Freescale is in the pole position
Freescale MCUs simplify car wiring system, cut vehicle weight
Renesas passes automotive semiconductor competitors, Semicast reckons
Near field analysis for EMI/EMC
Freescale absolute pressure sensors offer enhanced functionality over predecessor
Freescale auto push ranges from radar to MCU
Image cognition processor for automotive camera applications
FlexRay not dead, chip vendors claim
In-car networking (save FlexRay), smart image systems drive electronics development, expert says
Freescale employs parallel processing to identify pedestrians
Highly integrated instrument cluster solution brings multiple functions into one chip
Freescale pitches Vybrid MCU line to automotive infotainment
MCU and system basis chip combo ease design of safety-critical features
Intelligent, multi-purpose switch family supports 24-V battery systems
Freescale adds single-chip instrument cluster SoC to S12 MagniV family
Reneas takes pole position in automotive semiconductor race
Freescale introduces highly integrated controller for automotive brushless motor control applications
'Accelerated' Android 4.0 available on ARM dev boards
Freescale, Macronix's combine serial Flash with Qorivva microcontroller in dashboard application
Broadcom rolls broadest automotive Ethernet product portfolio
Broadcom, NXP, Freescale and Harman join forces to establish in-car Ethernet
Freescale introduces advanced airbag sensors for improved vehicle safety
Freescale tackles automotive infotainment, mobile devices with combination of ARM Cortex-A7 and Cortex-A15
Ethernet succeeds in automotive environments
Broadcom, Freescale, Omnivision bring Ethernet to parking assistance system
Freescale opens R&D Centre of Excellence for automotive electronics in East Kilbride
Freescale expands analog LIN PHY portfolio
Freescale targets emerging automotive OEMs in BRIC regions
Bosch, Freescale collaborate on airbag platform
Freescale 16-bit microcontroller aims at body applications
MCU drives sophisticated automotive dashboard displays
Freescale tailors MCU for Ethernet-based vehicle applications
Freescale introduces StarterTRAK development kits for Qorivva automotive microcontrollers
Freescale alternator controller IC has LIN interface
Freescale, Fuji discover power electronics for electric driving
China's top car maker goes 32-bit
Multicore MCUs target ADAS applications
Automotive semiconductor market sees major shift
On-chip security for automotive market
DSI Consortium airs version 1.0 specs for DSI3 standard
Freescale multicore SoCs provide computing power to driver assistant systems and consumer devices
Freescale brings airbag sensor technology to ESC accelerometer
Smartphone-class processors target in-car multimedia applications
Freescale announces automotive MCU family
QNX tackles Freescale processors as platform for its software
PLS expands support for Freescale's high-end automotive microcontrollers
IAR Systems collaborates with Freescale to develop i.MX25 starter kit
NXP tops automotive infotainment chip ranking, says iSuppli
TTTech Automotive selected to supply ECUs for Aptera
Automotive chips: Infineon passes Freescale

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