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Bosch stresses high costs for lower fuel consumption April 25, 2013Bosch stresses high costs for lower fuel consumption Is there still headroom for internal combustion engines with better fuel efficiency? Yes, says automotive electronics supplier Bosch. But at a price: It increasingly will require high development costs to squeeze out an extra kilometre of a litre of fuel. At the international engine symposium in Vienna, Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner said "From our perspective it is crucial to consider the further development of the power train under the aspect of cost effectiveness". Read more BMW brings plug-in hybrid roadster to the extremes April 5, 2012BMW brings plug-in hybrid roadster to the extremes At the Beijing Auto Show later this month, BMW will show for the first time a two-seater sports car with hybrid electric drive. The vehicle exhibits rather extreme features and can be regarded as an example for what is possible today with a perfect blend of mechanics, electronics and smart connectivity. Read more BMW, Toyota join forces for green technology R&D December 1, 2011 Carmakers BMW and Toyota have signed a medium to long-term agreement to jointly conduct R&D activities targeting an environmental-friendly automotive technologies. BMW will also sell fuel efficient diesel engines to Toyota Motor Europe (TME). Read more Compact, automotive-qualified 600-V gate drive IC simplifies and shrinks designs October 18, 2011Compact, automotive-qualified 600-V gate drive IC simplifies and shrinks designs International Rectifier has introduced the AUIRS2332J 600 V three-phase gate driver IC for automotive high-voltage motor drives for electric (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications. Read more Diesel hybrids can reduce CO2 fleet average, market researcher says September 27, 2011 Although the initial costs for Diesel hybrid vehicles are higher than for comparable HEVs with gasoline engine, diesel hybrids provide higher performance, lower CO2 emissions and better fuel efficiency. For this reason, Diesel-based HEVs will have a positive impact on the CO2 emission bottom line in the future, says market research company Frost & Sullivan. Read more
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