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News about Infineon

Auto chip market: upheaval ahead March 27, 2015Auto chip market: upheaval ahead The market watchers from IHS have published their rankings of the automotive semiconductor suppliers. The figures draw the picture of a well-balanced, stable landscape, but probably for the last time, because sweeping market changes are already in the offing. Read more Infineon, GE invest in deterministic networking technology March 25, 2015Infineon, GE invest in deterministic networking technology Chipmaker Infineon invests € 7 million into Vienna-based technology company TTTech AG, an expert for networked safety controls. The chipmaker ponders integrating TTTech's technology into its microcontrollers. Read more Opinion: What the NXP/Freescale takeover means for automotive electronics March 3, 2015Opinion: What the NXP/Freescale takeover means for automotive electronics Will the planned acquisition of Freescale through NXP change the automotive semiconductor landscape? Obviously yes, since both companies are already massively involved in this market, and united they will certainly gain significance. But at whose expense? Read more Embedded SIM controllers for security & reliability in cellular M2M March 2, 2015Embedded SIM controllers for security & reliability in cellular M2M For connected devices using secured cellular Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication for automated data exchange, Infineon Technologies has added the SLM 97 and SLI 97 security controller families with features required for M2M communication in industrial as well as automotive applications such as emergency Call (eCall) and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V). Read more Infineon: CAN FD success goes at the expense of FlexRay February 25, 2015Infineon: CAN FD success goes at the expense of FlexRay The faster version of the venerable CAN bus, CAN FD is currently taking off at several carmakers. Infineon's Thomas Böhm, Head of Body / Automotive, believes this could well go at the expense of FlexRay. Read more
Driver chip reduces LED taillight complexity
Infineon, Hella make radar sensor more affordable
Infineon takes the lead in auto semiconductors
UMC to manufacture automotive power devices for Infineon
Motor driver platform addresses highly integrated mechatronic designs
Smart PCBs for smaller ECUs: Infineon invests in PCB manufacturer
Research project significantly improves electronics reliability
Sensor package saves cost, meets ASIL D
Pixel chip sparks energy-efficient intelligent LED headlamps
Infineon's secret weapon: Dresden Fab, 48V car battery
Infineon closes technology gap through International Rectifier takeover
Infineon fires on all cylinders
Infineon shrinks power modules for HEVs, EVs
Is Infineon really back on track?
Electric powertrain does away with rare earth metals
What EV charging technologies to watch for in 2014
Continental, Infineon widen powertrain activities
Automotive, security products drive Infineon's expectations
Infineon hopes to increase tenfold sales to e-cars
Dual Hall sensor detects rotation direction and speed
Infineon, ASE plan to utilize copper in chip wire bonding
Battery switch assembly offers very low resistance at high currents
EMiLE integrates power electronics into motor
Infineon steers FlexRay transceiver to automotive data bus market
Duo of driver chip and IGBT gate drivers target HEV powertrain
Industry consortium develops glare-free headlamps
Power Modules excel through high power density and reliability
High-precision Hall effect sensors come in ultra-small package
Renesas passes automotive semiconductor competitors, Semicast reckons
Engine management chip brings fuel economy to motorbikes and lawn mowers
RGB LED driver enables multicolour ambient lighting in cars
24GHz single-chip radar an be used in broad range of applications
German joint industry project develops safer EV traction batteries
Research project aims at avoiding errors in the design of safety-critical components
Continental selects Infineon security devices for digital tachographs
MCU/LIN transceiver combo addresses space, cost constraints
New CAN transceiver improves power-off behavior
Multicore microcontroller supports ASIL D safety requirements
Debug engine supports Infineon's Aurix safety MCU
Infineon, Fuji agree on HybridPACK 2 automotive power module specs
Better driving range though energy management
Fairchild licenses power transistor packaging technology from Infineon
Superjunction power MOSFET integrates fast body diode, meets AEC-Q101
Reneas takes pole position in automotive semiconductor race
Atollic TrueStudio adds support for NXP microcontrollers
Package technology raises current capability, efficiency in power electronics
Infineon re-enters ARM market with motor control families
Infineon rolls auto-qualified power MOSFETs in TO package
Automotive MCU increases in-vehicle security and tamper-proofs ECUs
Infineon rolls multicore automotive microcontroller architecture
Hyundai and Kia select Infineon HybridPACK 1 power modules for their HEVs
Infineon power management devices improve energy efficiency in EPS, motor control, pump applications
HONEY project helps designers to shrink complex automotive systems
Split-voltage E/E architecture takes shape
Infineon extends XC2000 automotive microcontroller family
Infineon watchdog chip pushes TriCore architecture to highest safety levels
LDRA, Altium integrate tools for Infineon's C166 microprocessor
Research project enhances robustness of electronic automotive components
ZF, BMW, Infineon develop hybrid transmission with built-on power electronics
Automotive semiconductor market sees major shift
Infineon launches unit in China dedicated to E-mobility, power electronics
Volkswagen selects Infineon sensor chip to support electric power steering systems
Under the hood, Infineon sees a bright future
Infineon rolls automotive-qualified M2M microcontrollers
Infineon supplying power chips to Tesla
From Li-ion batteries to smart traffic infrastructure – engineers discuss the future of mobility
Research project aims at higher integration for automotive, consumer, medical electronics
Infineon boosts TriCore MCU architecture computing power
Infineon Power MOSFET features very low on-resistance
Wireless control receiver combines high sensitivity, low power
DIANA research project aims at automotive electronics diagnostic capabilities
Multicore reference platform features Infineon TriCore architecture
Brose tops automotive electronics growth ranking
Infineon receives the highest level quality award from Toyota Hirose plant
Automotive chips: Infineon passes Freescale
Semiconductors key to e-car costs reductions, Infineon predicts
Power capacitor chip addresses electromobility

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