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News about International Rectifier

Auto chip market: upheaval ahead March 27, 2015Auto chip market: upheaval ahead The market watchers from IHS have published their rankings of the automotive semiconductor suppliers. The figures draw the picture of a well-balanced, stable landscape, but probably for the last time, because sweeping market changes are already in the offing. Read more IGBTs are automotive-qualified for small-motor drives December 9, 2014IGBTs are automotive-qualified for small-motor drives International Rectifier’s AUIRGP66524D0 and AUIRGF66524D0 are automotive-qualified 600V IGBTs which are intended for small auxiliary motor drive applications including air conditioning compressors for electric and hybrid vehicles. Read more Automotive-qualified 40V dual FETs for low power motor applications October 9, 2014Automotive-qualified 40V dual FETs for low power motor applications International Rectifier's AUIRFN8459 and AUIRFN8458 40V automotive-qualified COOLiRFET power MOSFETs feature very low RDS(on) for automotive applications requiring compact size and high current performance including pump motor control and automotive body control. Read more Dual low-side driver IC supports automotive SMPS applications August 29, 2014Dual low-side driver IC supports automotive SMPS applications International Rectifier has introduced the automotive-qualified AUIRB24427S high current dual low-side driver IC for Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) applications used in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (HEV), Electric Vehicles (EV), and high power industrial converters.

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Infineon closes technology gap through International Rectifier takeover August 20, 2014Infineon closes technology gap through International Rectifier takeover Infineon has announced to swallow International Rectifier for the amount of $3 billion. With the move, the Munich-based chipmaker intends to close its technology gap in the promising GaN segment. In addition, Infineon hopes to better utilize its 300mm wafer fab in Dresden to capacity. Read more
Automotive power MOSFET increases power density while reducing system size and cost
COOLiRFET power MOSFETS run cooler than conventional MOSFETs
40-V MOSFETs deliver benchmark on-state resistance for heavy load applications
MOSFET driver IC offers enhanced protection and diagnostics for automotive relay replacements and battery switches
Intelligent power switch is optimized for automotive PTC electric heaters
Automotive power MOSFETs optimize piezo injection systems performance
Automotive-qualified 600-V Trench IGBT in D2Pak delivers high power density in Hybrid and EV applications
Automotive qualified 600-V IC targets 3-phase inverterized motor drive applications
1200-V soft switching IGBT supports hybrid and electric vehicle applications
Boost converter for stop-start applications reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent
Gate drive IC shrinks power train design in hybrid and electric vehicles
Automotive-qualified gate drive IC shrinks power train design in hybrid and electric vehicles
Sensorless sinusoidal motor control IC receives IMQ certification
Compact, automotive-qualified 600-V gate drive IC simplifies and shrinks designs
600-V automotive-qualified IGBTs are Optimized for electric and hybrid vehicle applications
40 V to 200 V automotive-qualified MOSFETs with benchmark on-state resistance
Intelligent power switch family features current sensing for automotive applications
Rugged 40-V to 75-V automotive-qualified MOSFETs offers low on-state resistance for heavy load applications 
Intelligent power switch delivers active di/dt control for automotive motor control
Automotive MOSFETs in widelead package reduce lead resistance by 50 percent, delivers 30 percent higher current
Automotive power MOSFET chipset is optimized for high power density DC-DC applications
New family of automotive-qualified MOSFETs offer rugged, compact system solutions
IR unveils family of rugged automotive qualified planar MOSFETs
High power, high density discrete solutions focus on energy-efficient DC-DC automotive applications
IR expands automotive DirectFET2 Power MOSFET product family
30-V P-channel power MOSFETs offer design flexibility benefits
AEC-Q100 qualified high-side power ICs aim at automotive applications
Automotive DirectFET2 power MOSFETs focus on Class D Applications
IR expands family of automotive-qualified MOSFETs featuring low on-state resistance
Rugged reliable intelligent power switch with high frequency PWM capability
IR rolls automotive MOSFET family with focus on low on-state resistance
Rugged, Reliable 600V IC for General Purpose Automotive Drive Applications
Intelligent power switch offers ultra-low on-state resistance in 24V applications
Intelligent power switch offers ultra low on-state resistance 24 V automotive environments

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