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News about Linear Technology

60V, 3x output, buck/buck/boost DC/DC controller for light hybrids March 10, 201560V, 3x output, buck/buck/boost DC/DC controller for light hybrids Designed to maintain regulation in automotive and heavy truck start/stop systems, the LTC3899 is a triple output (buck, buck, boost) 29 A quiescent current, synchronous DC/DC controller that maintains output voltage regulation over a 2.2V to 60V input range. Read more 4 Mbps CAN transceiver with 60V fault protection February 19, 20154 Mbps CAN transceiver with ±60V fault protection LTC2875 is an exceptionally rugged, high voltage tolerant CAN (controller area network) transceiver designed to greatly reduce field failures without the need of costly external protection devices. Read more Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation Reduces Automotive LED Driver EMI January 30, 2015Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation Reduces Automotive LED Driver EMI The large number of electronics in an automobile must have reasonably low electromagnetic interference (EMI) in order to avoid disturbing the radio reception, GPS navigation tools and other forms of communication and broadcast. Switch mode regulators are commonly used in this environment and they have to be designed to mitigate their inherently noisy nature. Read more Configurable buck DC/DCs deliver 8 A from 2 to 4 independent outputs January 9, 2015Configurable buck DC/DCs deliver 8 A from 2 to 4 independent outputs LTC3371 is a highly integrated general-purpose power management solution for systems requiring multiple low voltage power supplies. The device features four synchronous buck converters, each powered from independent 2.25V to 5.5V inputs, and each configurable to share up to four of eight available 1A power stages. Read more 150C, 45V LDO has 3 A quiescent current for automotive, industrial designs December 15, 2014150°C, 45V LDO has 3 µA quiescent current for automotive, industrial designs A wider temperature range, FMEA-compliant, H grade version of the LT3007 high voltage, micropower, PNP-based LDO has an ultralow 3A quiescent current. The device's H grade 150C junction temperature rating enables high temperature or high power automotive and industrial applications. Read more
Synchronous buck-boost controller regulates up to 250W
Synchronous step-down DC/DC offers 93% efficiency at automotive voltages
40V, 400mA output, step-down regulator has dual tracking LDOs
36V monolithic 1A push-pull DC/DC transformer driver
1A, 1.5 MHz, 65V boost/inverter DC/DC converter
Step-down switcher offers very high efficiency, handles cold-crank
DC/DC converter enables broad range of topologies
Power USB VBUS in Autos with the LT8697
Forward controller simplifies high-voltage control in vehicles
45-V LDO has programmable current limit and power good flag
Synchronous step-down regulators offer 96% efficiency
Monolithic active cell balancer features telemetry interface
Triple output LED driver controller drives more than 250-W of LED power
Isolated monolithic flyback regulator delivers up to 15 watts
Charging controller offers multi-chemistry operation for different battery systems
42V, 4A synchronous step-down cuts power-rail noise levels
MOSFET gate driver operates over -55 to 150 degrees C junction temperature range
High power density LDO features extended temperature range
Space-saving, low power charge pump targets automotive, industrial applications
LED driver with internal PWM generator
40-V, 2-A buck-boost DC/DC converter fits in 20-lead thermally enhanced TSSOP package
Phase modulated full-bridge controller features wide operating temperature range
60-V input inverting DC/DC controller uses a single inductor to simplify design
New IC technology boosts performance of large lithium Ion battery packs
Space-saving charge pump IC accepts wide input voltage range
High efficiency bidirectional multicell battery balancer
Chip converts input voltages from 2.8V to 80V to fixed output voltage at high efficiency
Triple output synchronous DC/DC controller maintains regulation in automotive start/stop systems
Very accurate battery monitor for HEVs and EVs comes with isolated interface
High Voltage isolated monolithic flyback
regulator in ThinSOT simplifies design
LED Driver for high current LED
 applications offers maximum junction temperature of 150C
Quad 1A step-down switching regulator with 100% duty cycle operation
Synchronous buck converter delivers 90% efficiency at very low quiescent current
DC/DC converter offers very low quiescent current to save battery life
Temperature and dual voltage monitor provides flexible alert outputs
Dual 60-V IN , 1-A monolithic 2.5-MHz step-down DC/DC converter withstands 80-V transients
Dual step-down DC/DC-converter operates from 3V to 60V
Isolated RS485 & RS232 uModule transceivers target military and automotive applications
60V synchronous buck-boost LED driver delivers over 100W of LED power
Micropower pushbutton on/off controller delivers automatic turn-on/off capabilities
Floating surge stopper provides unlimited overvoltage protection
DC/DC converter with high maximum junction temperature
Linear Technology acquires Dust Networks for wireless sensor networking capabilities
Isolated power factor corrected offline regulator requires no opto-isolator
42-V, 750-mA, 2.2-MHz step-down dc/dc converter only requires 2.5-uA quiescent current
DC/DC controller generates positive or negative regulated voltages
100-V isolated monolithic flyback regulator focuses on high reliability applications
Guest commentary: Are we there yet?
36-V step-down switching regulator and integrated LDO is ideal for automotive load dump applications
High-reliability version for no-opto isolated monolithic flyback regulator
6A MOSFET gate driver operates over wide temperature range
Dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller offers highly balanced current sharing
HV isolated monolithic flyback regulator eliminates optocoupler
High voltage battery stack monitor enhances HEV/EV battery management systems
100-V synchronous N-channel MOSFET drivers operate from -40 to 150 degrees C
36V dual step-down regulator offers wide input voltage range
60V synchronous step-down DC/DC controller specified up to 150C
Top ten of EE Times Automotive in 2010
100-V isolated monolithic flyback regulator requires no optocoupler
Six output DC/DC Module regulator for extreme temperatures
Low-power 16-Bit ADCs reduce power consumption in radar and lidar applications
Dual-controller DC/DC converter covers broad input voltage range
Step-down DC/DC converter addresses load dump and cold crank conditions
100-V isolated flyback DC/DC controller operates up to 150 degrees C
Step-down controller drives standard logic level from low-voltage supply
MOSFET instead of boost diode: DC/DC controller has high efficiency
Triple voltage monitoring IC provides early power-fail detection
LED string drivers withstand 40V input transients
Synchronous boost controller reaches 97 percent efficiency, eliminates heat sink
Buck-boost DC/DC uModule regulator delivers precision regulation in demanding environments
Simple delay block offers accurate timing in a wide range
Chip guards against overvoltage, undervoltage and reverse polarity faults
2A, 42V boost converter offered in automotive, military temperature grades
Synchronous monolithic 1-cell Li-Ion/polymer battery charger delivers up to 4-A charge current
Isolated monolithic flyback regulator simplifies design, eliminates optocoupler
Triple output LED driver with 150˚C maximum junction temperature
Step-down converter drives three LED strings with high dimming ratio
Step-down DC/DC converter with 150C maximum junction temperature
High voltage, low dropout linear regulators operate down to -55C
Versatile 5-A DC/DC converter generates either a positive or a negative regulated voltage
80VIN/80VOUT, Constant Voltage, Constant-Current DC/DC Converter

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