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News about Melexis

Programmable Hall effect current sensor December 9, 2013Programmable Hall effect current sensor Melexis has added to its customer-programmable Triaxis Hall effect sensor IC range, with a device intended for use in electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and renewable energy systems; the high speed devices in the MLX91208 series each offer a response time of 3μsec. Read more LIN bus motor control IC simplifies 12V automotive actuator designs August 28, 2013LIN bus motor control IC simplifies 12V automotive actuator designs Melexis Technologies' latest advanced motor controller IC is intended for use with the direct current (DC) and single or dual phase brush-less direct current (BLDC) motors now being designed into modern vehicles. Read more Triaxis position sensor with SENT protocol for safety critical applications July 2, 2013Triaxis position sensor with SENT protocol for safety critical applications The SAE J2716 SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) protocol serves safety critical, cost sensitive applications in the automotive and transportation sectors. It facilitates the replacement of analog signaling between sensors and microcontrollers. The Triaxis range of advanced position sensors from Melexis pioneered non-contact 360° and 3D SENT solutions in demanding safety applications of this kind. The newest additions to this range, the MLX90366 and MLX90367, extend the capability and performance of current SENT protocol devices to fully support position sensing implementations in the most challenging of environments, with 12 bit resolution and 10 bit accuracy. Read more LIN transceiver offers very low standby current plus strong EMC/ESD behaviour May 31, 2013LIN transceiver offers very low standby current plus strong EMC/ESD behaviour Automotive specialist Melexis further expands its portfolio of devices supporting the local interconnect network (LIN) bus: The new MLX80030 comes in a compact SOIC8 package and is 3rd member of the company’s next generation of system basis ICs of LIN slaves. Pin-to-pin compatible with established LIN devices, such as the ATA6623/29 and TJA1028, this IC combines a physical layer LIN transceiver (according to LIN 2.x and SAEJ2602) with a 3.3V voltage regulator that has a reset output for the system microcontroller. Read more Enhanced LIN communication chips integrate voltage regulation, watchdog functionality May 15, 2013Enhanced LIN communication chips integrate voltage regulation, watchdog functionality The local interconnect network (LIN) bus continues to see widespread adoption in the automotive world. This robust, cost-effective communication protocol allows implementation of many basic networking functions in sub-systems previously considered to be uneconomical for smart actuators and controls. Offered in compact QFN5x5 packages, the MLX80031 and MLX80051 from Melexis respond to this need, enabling development of LIN slaves in a simple manner. Read more
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