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News about Melexis

Programmable Hall sensor supports 2-wire operation September 17, 2014Programmable Hall sensor supports 2-wire operation Extending Melexis' innovative 'No PCB’ design concept, the new MLX92242 programmable Hall sensor has a built-in capacitor, so it can be implemented directly into a design without inclusion of supplementary board level components. Read more Infrared sensor array sees a wider field of view, with low-noise imaging September 11, 2014Infrared sensor array sees a wider field of view, with low-noise imaging Low cost infra-red (IR) arrays provide precise imaging data and detailed heat signatures for both static and dynamic objects can be derived, and find applications in security, automotive, building automation and consumer electronics. Read more Wireless charging reference design targets smartphones in cars August 27, 2014Wireless charging reference design targets smartphones in cars Chipmakers Freescale and Melexis have jointly developed a reference design for wireless charging of in-vehicle consumer electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets. The reference design combines both Bluetooth communications technology and Qi-certified transmit control along with associated control logics. Read more Pre-driver chip targets automotive high-current motor applications August 19, 2014Pre-driver chip targets automotive high-current motor applications The MLX83100 from Melexis is an N-FET pre-driver IC with low pin-count package (28 pins) and four digital inputs that provides a space-saving solution for high-current DC motors in automotive enviroments. Read more Time-of-flight sensor brings gesture recognition to car cockpit June 23, 2014Time-of-flight sensor brings gesture recognition to car cockpit Belgian chipmaker Melexis is utilizing the time-of-flight 3D motion sensing technology from software company SoftKinetics, also from Belgium, to implement a sensor chip that detects gestures to control several functions within the car. Thus, the Melexis chip enhances the range of basic technologies to be employed in Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs): Besides pusing buttons, turning knobs or issue spoken instructions to the vehicle, now HMI concepts also can include gestures. The technology will be used in the infotainment domain in the first place. Read more
Stage win for ams against Melexis in patent claim
Hall effect switch does away with mechanical adjustments
Higher integration in LIN transceiver chips
Programmable Hall effect current sensor
LIN bus motor control IC simplifies 12V automotive actuator designs
Triaxis position sensor with SENT protocol for safety critical applications
LIN transceiver offers very low standby current plus strong EMC/ESD behaviour
Enhanced LIN communication chips integrate voltage regulation, watchdog functionality
Gesture and proximity sensing ICs enable next-gen automotive HMI
Low voltage Hall effect sensor offers digital output
Programmable Hall effect sensor addresses fast response current sensing applications
Sensor interface IC facilitates implementation of gesture recognition applications
LIN transceiver with integrated voltage regulator and strong EMC/ESD behaviour
EEPROM-configurable IC eases TPMS module development
MEMS pressure sensor and analog chain in monolithic integrated device
Enhancing automotive safety through advanced IR sensor technology
EEPROM-configurable pre-driver increases operating range for three-phase BLDC motor control
Position sensor features high robustness and accuracy
Magnetic sensor has discrete protection components incorporated into package
Automotive motor drivers bring LIN-ready single chip solution to BLDC motors, actuators
Hall sensors are optimized for seat positioning systems, buckle switches and wipers
New Melexis LIN Transceiver drives down cost
Programmable current sensor for high-speed control applications
Melexis achieves MOST compliance for fiber optic transceivers in SMD package
Melexis offers modular tire pressure monitoring system
Melexis utilizes time-of-flight technology for collision avoidance system
Melexis integrated MEMs sensors handle more than just pressure
Fully calibrated high accuracy MEMs infrared temperature sensor
Melexis rolls second-generation Triaxis sensors
The end of sensor-based BLDC control?
Rudi De Winter wants limping X-Fab to get up to speed
Camera sensor brings high dynamic range to automotive applications
LIN slave chip connects switch modules, IO-extensions to LIN network
Brose tops automotive electronics growth ranking
Melexis profiatbly rides the ecology wave

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