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Modular PXI system for CAN communications

January 31, 2011 | Christoph Hammerschmidt | 222901350
Modular PXI system for CAN communications Automotive test solutions vendor Goepel electronic has introduced a modular communication controller for CAN, based on the established Series 61. The scalable architecture of the PXI 6153 provides a broad range of options for individual and flexible controller configurations and functional upgradability at a later date.

The basic configuration features two separate CAN communication interfaces. Optionally, they can be extended with up to four additional ports (CAN, LIN/K-line, FlexRay).

The result is a multitude of configuration and application opportunities, from testing routing functions at Gateway ECUs too parallel testing several ECUs in Run-In and Screening Test systems. The module is hence able to replace several conventional interface devices during the configuration of complex test systems. In addition to reduced purchase costs for test system configurations, fewer slots in a PXI rack than normal are required, allowing for future expansion.

Comprehensive library functions of the onboard software simplify the user program generation, such as generation of transport protocols, diagnostic accesses or the implementation of network management functions. A revolutionary innovation is the opportunity to swap time critical and CPU-intensive processes of the application software to the onboard processor. Hence, the host PC is relieved and valuable bandwidth for additional application is obtained.

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