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News about Most150

Transceiver chip eases migration from optical to coax cabling September 2, 2015Transceiver chip eases migration from optical to coax cabling With its first coax transceiver chip for the MOST150 infotainment network system, MOST main supplier Microchip Technology helps designers to further push the limits of the MOST technology. The OS82150 integrates a coaxial cable driver and coaxial cable receiver into a small-footprint, 4x4 mm QFN package and allows designers to use coaxial cabling in powerful MOST150 automotive infotainment networks Read more MOST Cooperation: Change at the administrator level November 14, 2014MOST Cooperation: Change at the administrator level Henry Muyshondt from Microchip Technology succeeds Rainer Klos as the administrator of the MOST Cooperation. Muyshondt will continue to establish MOST150 as the infotainment data bus of choice among carmakers, and he will face the challenging task of leading the MOST technology into the future. Read more AVnu readies automotive Ethernet profile in battle for the car bus June 10, 2014AVnu readies automotive Ethernet profile in battle for the car bus The battle for the infotainment bus in the car is set to take a new turn as an automotive version of the AVB deterministic Ethernet standard goes out to ballot. Read more Development kit for coaxial MOST150 March 25, 2014Development kit for coaxial MOST150 The MOST150 coax (cPHY) tool chain provides everything needed to develop automotive systems or devices using coaxial cables. OptoLyzer MOCCA compact tools support all major automotive bus systems, including CAN, LIN, FlexRay and MOST technology Read more Daimler S-class comes with MOST150 February 14, 2014Daimler S-class comes with MOST150 Daimler has it on the street: The company's new Mercedes S-Class rolls along with the latest MOST infotainment data bus generation inside. The company now will introduce this technology gradually in all other Mercedes Benz models. Read more
MOST 150 Star topology interconnects driver assistant systems
MOST Forum sketches 5-Gbps future
MOST Forum sheds light on the future of automotive optical data communications
MOST150 goes for a drive in the new Audi A3
Avago showcases reflow versions of MOST fiber optic transceivers
Ethernet enters infotainment domain - on the back of the MOST bus
MOST Forum 2012: MOST Cooperation releases MOST150 onto the road
MOST Forum 2012 to focus on automotive Ethernet, application integration
Ethernet succeeds in automotive environments
Infotainment designers prefer MOST technology
Car electronics build bridges to the IT world
PXI 6161 communication controller supports MOST150 test
MOST150 embraces coax cable
Daimler, Audi declare MOST150 ready for mass production
MOST Forum discusses technology and challenges of infotainment backbone
MOST Cooperation announces program for MOST Forum
MODENA 5.0 test software includes MOST150
Audi gives green light to MOST150 deployment for serial production
Daimler to provide Most Forum keynote speech, call for speakers open
MOST Cooperation to highlight new application options at SAE Convergence
MOST technology aims at safety-critical applications

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