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The Key to a 'Cool Car' Is a Cool Key – NXP January 8, 2015The Key to a 'Cool Car' Is a Cool Key – NXP The car key is seemingly destined to become the most visible object differentiating one car brand from another, thus cementing the bond between carmakers and car owners. At least, that’s the expectation of car OEMs -- and NXP Semiconductors is banking on it. Read more Vehicle-to-X technology: 1.300 km drive starts at electronica November 6, 2014Vehicle-to-X technology: 1.300 km drive starts at electronica On November 11, a group of companies and organisations will give the start signal for a large practical test of the Vehicle-to-X (V2X) communication technology. NXP, Cohda Wireless, Siemens and Honda, along with safety validation company TÜV Süd will depart to a large-scale test drive through Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The "Communicating Cars" test drive leads along the projected C-ITS Corridor between Vienna and Rotterdam. Read more NXP extends NFC ecosystem to the car October 30, 2014NXP extends NFC ecosystem to the car NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology for contactless payment solutions, right? Yes, but the range of potential applications is much larger. Chipmaker NXP is opening up the large field of automotive-based NFC applications - car sharing, Bluetooth and WiFi pairing, or personalisation of gadgets and settings in the vehicle. With a set of NFC products, NXP is laying the corner stone for an NFC-enabled ecosystem. Read more Infineon's secret weapon: Dresden Fab, 48V car battery September 26, 2014Infineon's secret weapon: Dresden Fab, 48V car battery Talk to any automotive chip companies these days. Be it Infineon Technologies, Freescale, STMicroelectronics or NXP Semiconductors. They all share one common goal: Go get Renesas and grab major design-wins from leading Japanese carmakers, such as Toyota Motors. Read more Connected car: Where security threats meet new business opportunities June 27, 2014Connected car: Where security threats meet new business opportunities The connected car offers many comforts to its users, but it also opens up a new challenges and vulnerabilities. A roundtable in Munich showed that data protection and privacy could even evolve as an asset of the European industry in the global competition. Read more
Dual radio transceiver for Car-to-X applications
TVS diodes improve surge protection for mobile/automotive device chargers
Telit Wireless launches automotive telematics business
Vertical alignment display drivers enable Tesla-like dashboards
Angular sensor communicates via SENT protocol
Volkswagen approves chokeless HS-CAN transceivers
SDR chip supports multiple digital radio standards - DRM, HD Radio and DAB
NXP shrinks High-Speed CAN system basis chips
NXP, Datang Telecom launch first Chinese automotive chip company
Software-defined radio processor for car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication
NXP, TTTech jointly develop automotive Ethernet switch chips
AM/FM tuner chips enable higher performance at less space
UHF transceiver enables simultaneous multi-channel data reception
Audio amplifiers offer reduced smartphone interference
LCD segment drivers address automotive VA displays
Cohda, NXP roll reference design 
for production-line connected vehicles
Study investigates V2V communications with motorcycles
NXP rolls AEC-Q100-compliant GPIO with interrupt and reset
CAN transceiver family supports CAN FD, offers chokeless EMC performance
NXP expands FlexRay transceiver portfolio
NXP forms C2X alliance with Cohda Wireless and Lesswire AG
Automotive-qualified CAN transceiver offers galvanic isolation
NXP unveils world's first low VCEsat double transistors in 2-mm x 2-mm leadless package
Renesas passes automotive semiconductor competitors, Semicast reckons
NXP releases power MOSFETs in LFPAK56 packages to address automotive applications
Connected vehicles and intelligent IT improve traffic flow in Eindhoven
Navigation module works with Glonass and GPS in parallel
NXP becomes core supplier for Delphi
Cisco, NXP push commercialization of Car-to-X communication
Two radio tuners integrated on single chip enable compact car radios
Car industry should benefit from semiconductor economies of scale, NXP suggests
FlexRay not dead, chip vendors claim
Compact combo chip shrinks keyless entry system
Automotive qualified dual power-SO8 MOSFETs offers 77 percent smaller footprint than DPAK solution
Singapore as a test bed next-generation congestion management systems
Research project aims at avoiding errors in the design of safety-critical components
Class-D amplifier for high-end automotive infotainment
Dual magnetic sensor tackles safety-critical engine throttle applications
NXP enhances GPS signal reception with tiny LNAs
Ultra-reliable power MOSFETs fit in 3.3-mm x 3.3-mm power package
Highly integrated Dual LIN transceiver enables smaller control modules in cars
TrenchMOS power transistors tested for high reliability
DSP-based AM/FM one-chip tuner drives car entertainment innovations
NXP Semiconductors acquires the Catena Group to focus on high performance mixed signal applications
Reneas takes pole position in automotive semiconductor race
NXP FlexRay transceivers support 48V supply
NXP rolls LIN Transceiver for smaller, more cost-efficient ECUs
Broadcom rolls broadest automotive Ethernet product portfolio
NXP rolls analog AMR angle sensor for brushless DC motor control
NXP shrinks medium-power transistors
NFC-ready, universal contactless reader IC targets multiple ID applications
FM background receiver chips enable cost-effective data functions in car radios
NXP claims breakthrough Class-AB and Class-D audio amplifiers for start-stop systems
Broadcom, NXP, Freescale and Harman join forces to establish in-car Ethernet
IMOLA R&D project integrates intelligence into OLED modules
New generation of position sensors improves performance of automotive applications
Next generation dual high-speed CAN delivers improved performance and vehicle efficiency
Car electronics build bridges to the IT world
NXP chip makes car keys to communicate with smart phones
NXP demos car-to-x communications platform
NXP unveils CGVxpress High Speed Serial Interface
NXP teams up with I2IT to set up Automotive Centre of Excellence in India
NXP moves automotive center of gravity to China
NXP releases LIN transceiver supports robust nodes in LIN bus systems
Continental, NXP to integrate NFC into cars
NXP introduces multistandard digital radio coprocessor for car infotainment
30-V MOSFET claims industry's lowest RDSon
NXP ready for mass adoption of eCall vehicle emergency call system
LED headlights – a matter of drivers
Cars converge on Brussels as eCall trial kicks off
CAN controller added to development kit
NXP CAN/LIN system basis chip family addresses EMC and integration
NXP's Mifare Plus selected for Turkey's road tolling system
NXP tops automotive infotainment chip ranking, says iSuppli
GPS-based congestion charging test concluded successfully
NXP, AVL in research project aiming at extending range of e-cars
NXP improves EMC and ESD performance for HS-CAN transceiver
NXP releases automotive qualified Power SO-8 MOSFETs in LFPAK
NXP unveils automotive qualified Power SO-8 MOSFETs in LFPAK
Asymmetric encryption improves car key security

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