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News about Renesas

Renesas specs 90-nm flash at 100million cycles for automotive SoCs February 4, 2016Renesas specs 90-nm flash at 100million cycles for automotive SoCs Renesas says its latest development, at 90-nm process rules, of its one-transistor MONOS flash memory technology is the first in the industry to achieve over 100 million program/erase cycles at high temperature, with rewrite energy of 0.07 mJ/8 kB: it will, the company says, be applied to accelerate intelligence in automotive control systems. Read more Renesas meets automotive image processing challenges February 3, 2016Renesas meets automotive image processing challenges Self-driving cars rely on their own sensors in the first place, and cameras along with image processing algorithms are increasingly becoming the technology of choice for cars to register their environment. Chipmaker Renesas is addressing the demand for such solutions with a highly customised circuit block - not a product, but the blueprint for future SoCs. The company showcased its technology at the ISSCC semiconductor conference. Read more Software-upgradable cars launch new platform race December 16, 2015Software-upgradable cars launch new platform race Software over-the-air upgrades for cars are the next big thing in automotive electronics. But which hardware platforms will enable carmakers to implement the desired feature? Nvidia, NXP and Renesas appear to have diverging strategies. Read more Third generation of Renesas’s R-Car SoC targets autonomous driving December 2, 2015Third generation of RenesasÂ’s R-Car SoC targets autonomous driving Once again increased computing and graphics power as well as a specific engine dedicated to image recognition: The latest iteration of Renesas’ R-Car automotive System-on-Chip (SoC) will enable designers to create computing platforms that handle most of the tasks associated to advanced driver assistance systems and even autonomous driving. Read more Low-power Renesas 16-bit MCUs for vehicle control systems October 27, 2015Low-power Renesas 16-bit MCUs for vehicle control systems Renesas’ RL78/F15 Group of low-power 16-bit microcontrollers is targeted at vehicle control systems such as body control modules (BCMs), air conditioners, and power seats. Part of the RL78 family of MCUs, the RL78/F15 Group combines low-power consumption with high processing performance and CAN communication that can be used independently for control and diagnostics. Read more
IAR grows IEC 61508/ISO 26262 support for Renesas processors
ADAS surround view development kit
Renesas rolls SoC dedicated to V2X communications
Video data cruncher has almost no latency
Audi adds Renesas to its Progressive Semiconductor Program
Static code analysis for Renesas RX MCUs, in IAR toolset
Auto chip market: upheaval ahead
Opinion: What the NXP/Freescale takeover means for automotive electronics
Green Hills to support Renesas' R-Car E2 devices
Altium offers automotive designers a Tasking C compiler update for Renesas RH850
MCUs target automotive instrument clusters, shape head-up display projections
Renesas RH850 dev kit gets upgrade
Infineon takes the lead in auto semiconductors
Green Hills adds virtualised graphics to R-Car platform
Automotive MCU targets high-end, integrated-systems applications
Multimedia software exploits Renesas R-Car platform
More memory, more functions, for Renesas 32-bit MCUs
Green Hills OS support for Renesas’ R-Car automotive platform
Hi-resolution image recognition for driver assistance systems
Compiler for Renesas microcontroller supports MISRA C:2012
Sysgo offers virtualisation for Renesas infotainment platform
Wind river infotainment platform is Genivi compliant
Renesas prepares Ethernet AVB infotainment platform
Renesas RX tools gain stack usage analysis
Safety-critical RTOS for Renesas MCUs
Safety-compliant development tools for Renesas' RX series MCUs
Embedded Workbench for Renesas' RXv2 core
Integrity RTOS now supports Renesas’ 2nd-Generation R-Car devices
Renesas SoC doubles graphics performance over previous generation
Compact 16-bit MCUs ease development of automotive systems
Renesas samples Flash MCUs with 40nm leading-edge geometries
Renesas passes automotive semiconductor competitors, Semicast reckons
Video codec hardware IP doubles performance
Elektrobit, Renesas roll platform for next-gen infotainment systems
Embedded development environment for smaller memory versions of Renesas RX MCUs
Development tool supports Renesas RH850 automotive MCUs
Tiny MCUs address applications in two-wheeled vehicles
Renesas brings 40nm Flash memory to automotive MCUs
Green Hills Software develops toolset for Renesas RH850 MCU
Renesas looks to automotive and smart society to drive recovery
CANopen protocol stack for Renesas' 32-Bit RX600 MCU series
14 new IPDs offer enhanced protection functions for automotive body applications
Renesas brings 40nm Flash technology to automotive microcontroller line
Renesas Electronics introduces low power consumption MCU series for automotive body solutions
Renesas Electronics opens office in Brazil with automotive business in mind
Renesas integrates resolver sensor interface to MCU
Renesas unveils 40nm embedded flash memory IP for automotive real-time applications
Renesas R-Car H1 series offers complete scalable lineup for car infotainment market
Renesas chip brings HD video, advanced graphics to high-end automotive displays
Renesas releases free-of-charge self-test MCU Software for safety compliance
Renesas rolls new ultra-low power MCU product family
New Renesas SoC targets entry level, emerging market infotainment applications
SuperH MCU with Open VG graphics accelerator and Gigabit Ethernet controller
Renesas rolls range of 4G microcontrollers with support for Ethernet, MOST networks
Renesas adds third-party SW & RTOS support for RL78 microcontroller family
Automotive semiconductor market sees major shift
Integrated SoCs target mid-range automotive infotainment systems
32 power MOSFETs offer improved performance for automotive applications
Fourth Gen MCUs for automotive
Renesas LED headlight driver IC integrates multiple functions
Renesas boosts V850 microprocessor number crunching power
Renesas targeting mobile and multimedia applications for strategic growth
MSC adds 78 microcontrollers from Renesas Electronics to its product portfolio
Seven power MOSFETs target compact vehicle electronic control units
Seven power MOSFETs target compact vehicle electronic control units
Renesas supports .NET Micro Framework 4.1 on SH-2/SH-2A microcontrollers
NXP tops automotive infotainment chip ranking, says iSuppli
Win three Renesas SH7216 starter kits
4x7mm IO-Link SoC slave solution for automation sensors

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