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RFID SMT antenna with comprehensive protection for automotive applications

June 06, 2012 | Julien Happich | 222902289
RFID SMT antenna with comprehensive protection for automotive applications Providing up to 50mV/Apk-pk/m (for 7.2mH) sensitivity, the TP0702U and TP0702UCAP SMD antennas from Premo are aimed at low frequency 20kHz-150kHz receiver applications.

TP0702UCAP provide an upper and lateral side protection with co-polyamide polyhexamethylene polymer walls, gamma radiated with high thermal stability, the device withstands up to 290ºC and has a mechanical resistance that exceeds 150Mpa. This antenna is equipped with an NiZn ferrite core with a high surface resistivity over 10Mohm/mm for a highly stable behavior over a wide temperature range of -40 to 125ºC. The TP0702UCAP, is particularly suitable for applications such as tire pressure monitoring systems which requires an excellent performance under extreme conditions, according to AEC-Q200. Four standard values are available, 2.38mH, 4.91mH, 7.2mH and 9mH at 125kHz. Others inductance values and frequencies, from 340uH to 18.5mH, are available upon request.

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