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Continental starts production of sensor for NOx killer February 4, 2016Continental starts production of sensor for NOx killer Amidst the discussion about diesel exhaust problems, automotive supplier has launched a new production line for urea sensors used in exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. Read more Improving pedestrian safety: Smart reflector combines sensors and LEDs January 29, 2016Improving pedestrian safety: Smart reflector combines sensors and LEDs VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has collaborated with with the Coreplast Laitila company to create a smart reflector that can be wirelessly controlled via a mobile phone application. The reflector features sensors, LED lights, wireless charging and communications. Read more TDK to swallow Micronas for its Hall-effect expertise December 17, 2015TDK to swallow Micronas for its Hall-effect expertise Magnet sensors apparently are about to assume a key role for industrial and automotive electronics applications: Electronics components manufacturer TDK has submitted a takeover bid for Swiss semiconductor Micronas who possesses significant expertise in this technology. Read more Inductive sensor interface IC meets automotive requirements December 9, 2015Inductive sensor interface IC meets automotive requirements Chipmaker Microsemi has introduced an interface device for inductive sensors that supports the SENT protocol, survives temperatures up to 150°C and is qualified according to the AEC Q100 automotive standard. Inductive sensing competes against Hall sensors in many applications in the car. Read more Automotive linear regulator integrates diagnostics and protection December 7, 2015Automotive linear regulator integrates diagnostics and protection Featuring a 50V load dump rating with short-to-battery protection, the A4481 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is an AEC-Q100 qualified linear voltage regulator IC with built-in control, diagnostics and protection features that address the requirements of automotive applications. Read more
Dual-zone radar sensor also detects moving objects
Hall-effect device offers new sensing options
Pressurized jet cleans automotive sensors and cameras
2.3 Mpixel automotive image sensor carries ASIL B qualification
Standardisation of vehicle data makes progress
ST rolls central crash sensors for airbag systems
Hall-effect current sensor tackles up to 1000A of primary current
Here strives to establish uniform auto sensor data format
Inductor sensor interface ICs replace Hall devices
What about magnetic position sensor reliability?
Backside-illuminated image sensor targets ADAS applications
Automotive software design: The multiprocessing challenge
Ultrasound sensor protects pedestrians
Angle sensing for extreme environments
Automotive King Redefines Future
Position sensor is immune to magnetic stray fields
Allegro rolls automotive-grade current sensors, receives ISO 26262 certification
MEMS acceleration sensor widens application spectrum in vehicles
Radar-based sensor network helps drivers finding a parking spot
Infineon: CAN FD success goes at the expense of FlexRay
Surface mount rotary position sensors maximise precision at 1% linearity
Rugged Hall-sensor throttle position sensor, in distribution
Speed/direction Hall sensor IC detects hysteresis
Slim-fit diet for Hall-effect sensors
Infineon, Hella make radar sensor more affordable
Test stand puts level sensors through their paces
Thermopile infrared array sensor tracks multiple objects
Position data via CAN bus
BMW shows automated valet parking with GPS-less navigation
Pressure sensors withstand harshest environmental conditions
Hall-effect sensors measure angles in rotating systems
MEMS group goes open-source on fusion algorithms
Automotive MCU targets high-end, integrated-systems applications
Sensor package saves cost, meets ASIL D
Image sensor targets driverless cars
Volvo Trucks develops all-around view safety system
Vector, Baselabs join forces to develop ADAS tools
Programmable Hall sensor supports 2-wire operation
Infrared sensor array sees a wider field of view, with low-noise imaging
Baselabs, Tass facilitate virtual testing of ADAS algorithms
CMOS image sensors offer VGA for surveillance cameras and drive recorders
Smart sensors offer haptic feedback
Micro sensor monitors conditions of lubricants
Wheel-speed sensor IC features integrated capacitor
Stage win for ams against Melexis in patent claim
Hall effect sensor meets ISO 26262 safety standards
Differential speed and directional sensor IC offers dual output
Battery sensor integrates MCU, CAN and analogue front-end
University of Parma refines autonomous driving
Continental cranks up radar sensor production
Angular sensor communicates via SENT protocol
MEMS sensors address airbags, body applications
Micronas sells more Hall sensors, earns less
Current sensor offers energy control to future-proof EVs/HEVs
Parking brake gets electrified in all vehicle categories
Low-mass accelerometer aimed at industry, transport
Dual Hall sensor detects rotation direction and speed
Programmable Hall effect current sensor
Camera sensor for ADAS applications offers high dynamic range
MEMS sensor measures acceleration, yaw rate in six axes
"No car will be an island"
Automotive applications drive magnetic sensor demand
Safety IC has pressure sensor inside
Proximity and gesture recognition sensors spread to automotive dashboards
Next generation wheel balancing transducer is fully watertight
Transmissive optical sensors target encoder applications
Factory-programmable linear Hall-effect sensor ICs for high-bandwidth applications
Bosch highlights radar technology for safety-relevant driver assistant systems
High-precision Hall effect sensors come in ultra-small package
Texas Instruments releases new Sensor Hub BoosterPack kit to explore sensor fusion applications
MEMS market applies full throttle, fueled by automotive and wireless demand
HD CMOS image sensor delivers high-resolution images to automotive and security/surveillance applications
Low voltage Hall effect sensor offers digital output
Sensor measures very high temperatures
Non-contacting rotary position sensors offer rotational life of 50 million cycles and more
Dual-channel Hall effect direction detection sensor offers high sensitivity
Programmable Hall effect sensor addresses fast response current sensing applications
CSEM presents vision sensor for automotive applications
Tire sensors detect vehicle weight
Sensor brings third dimension to angle measurement
Accurate position sensor helps BLDC motor in transmission control unit to run smoothly
Image sensor addresses specific demand of automotive cameras
Three-axis sensor for ESP applications is equipped with vibration damper
Freescale absolute pressure sensors offer enhanced functionality over predecessor
Freescale auto push ranges from radar to MCU
Programmable linear Hall sensor for efficient position management
New sensor solution helps to monitor driver fatigue
Modular battery measurement system is freely configurable
Engine management chip brings fuel economy to motorbikes and lawn mowers
In-car networking (save FlexRay), smart image systems drive electronics development, expert says
Lean-angle sensor for motorbikes measures five dynamic parameters
Continental launches three new product lines in China
70V-tolerant, 12-cell battery sensor extends battery life, supports highest automotive safety rating
European consortium develops monolithic 122-GHz radar sensor
Enhancing automotive safety through advanced IR sensor technology
Reference design provides hardware blueprint for battery fuel-gauging in electric scooters
Position sensor features high robustness and accuracy
High temperature sensor for exhaust gas measurements
Continental to combine passive safety with undercarriage and safety sensors
Current sensor achieves high accuracy by utilizing the AMR effect
Hella expands radar sensor business by acquiring stake in Innosent
Magnetic sensor has discrete protection components incorporated into package
Hall-effect current sensor IC is optimised for 3.3 V operation at high temperatures
Electric field sensor monitors driver fatigue
Hall-effect sensor offers high robustness, flexible output configuration
Electronic system detects and reports damages at cars
Temperature and dual voltage monitor provides flexible alert outputs
3D MEMS-based accelerometer addresses automotive, consumer, medical markets
Hall sensors are optimized for seat positioning systems, buckle switches and wipers
Resistive 320° rotary sensor for position detection in automotive applications
Resistive 320 degree rotary sensor enables position detection in automotive applications
DJB Instruments claims breakthrough in high temperature voltage accelerometer technology
Bosch to launch automotive sensor production in Romania
Honeywell expands hall-effect rotary position sensor portfolio
Current sensor provides Formula 1 teams with controlled means of acceleration
Research project looks into the exhaust pipe
ALPS starts mass production of new high-precision latch 2-phase type magnetic sensor
Renesas integrates resolver sensor interface to MCU
High-temperature sensor for exhaust systems with large diameters
Linear Technology acquires Dust Networks for wireless sensor networking capabilities
Optical sensor combines ambient light and proximity sensors
Open source platform for smart sensors
NXP rolls analog AMR angle sensor for brushless DC motor control
Temperature sensor offers high accuracy, resolution across a wide temperature range
Bosch shrinks engine management sensor dramatically
Micronas HAL 880 linear Hall sensor now available in SMD package
Highly exact position sensor enables car2x applications
Industry's smallest intelligent battery sensor IC offers ADC resolution and lowest sleep mode current
Programmable current sensor for high-speed control applications
Freescale introduces advanced airbag sensors for improved vehicle safety
TRW develops multi-axis sensors for better crash safety
Industry's first automotive low light ambient light sensor focuses on AEC-Q100 Grade 2 applications
Fuel quality sensor helps adapting cars to different fuel qualities
Research project aims at affordable safety through shared sensors
Low cost surface mount rotary position sensors aim at consumer, automotive applications
Sensor combines GPS and driving dynamics data
Automotive, smartphone applications drive silicon magnetic sensor revenue
Pedal travel sensor offers wear-free operation, high safety
Maxim takes over MEMS expert SensorDynamics
Melexis integrated MEMs sensors handle more than just pressure
Fully calibrated high accuracy MEMs infrared temperature sensor
Hall sensors for extended position measurement
Absolute linear position sensor IC is first product in fully-featured 3D Hall platform
Smart parking sensor platform helps city motorists save time and fuel
Melexis rolls second-generation Triaxis sensors
Stretchable sensors aim at improving airbag control
Combined torque and angle sensor for electric power assisted steering applications
ZMDI rolls automotive signal conditioner with integrated LIN interface
Research project aims at stacked multi-sensor systems
TRW rolls new vacuum sensor to support brake actuation systems
Industry's first high temperature digital ambient light sensor targets in-vehicle lighting applications
Missing sensor hits global automakers
Smart battery sensor computes battery status
Camera sensor brings high dynamic range to automotive applications
Sensor shuts off HV battery during accident
Gearbox sensor predicts shifting direction
Configurable sensor AFE solution aims to simplify sensor systems designs, speeds time-to-market
Automatic driving: The technology is (almost) ready, BMW says
Volkswagen selects Infineon sensor chip to support electric power steering systems
Bosch integrates pressure sensor into motorcycle ABS
Combo sensor integrates functionality of six individual sensors in one package
FZI, IPG jointly develop active safety test platform
Eight-pole M8 actuator/sensor connector
42-channel multi-data acquisition module for in-car tests
MEMS rate sensor features high reliability for accurate dead-reckoning
Bosch offers pressure sensor for transmissions and air-conditioning systems
Austriamicrosystems' true 3D Hall sensors enable new applications
Freescale brings airbag sensor technology to ESC accelerometer
STMicroelectronics rolls MEMS-based airbag sensor
VLx resistors feature low resistance, high performance on small surface areas
Bosch rolls smaller two-axes airbag sensors
Micronas equips current transducer with digital output
MEMS accelerometer addresses broad range of automotive applications
Citroën C4 looks over its shoulders with a Bosch side-view assistant
Low-grip conditions early warning system uses sensor fusion
TRW rolls low-cost tire pressure monitoring sensor
Autonomous driving tested in real-world traffic
Pressure sensor increases pedestrian's chances of survival in an accident
Bosch to show plethora of automotive chips at Electronica
Researchers develop image sensor for rough environments
Isabellenhütte Heusler and austriamicrosystems cooperate on flexible battery sensor ICs
TRW rolls cost-effective collision mitigate braking systems
Driver assistant system supports drivers in roadworks sites
Beyond FlexRay: BMW airs Ethernet plans
Bosch launches volume production of cost-optimized steering angle sensor
Analogue current sensor for high-side shunt-based current monitoring
Tyco Electronics presents drive mode and speed sensor module for dual clutch transmission
Premo develops Industry's smallest automotive 35 Amp current sensor
Low-cost geartooth speed and direction sensor for transmission controls
Contactless magnetic angle sensor features SAE SENT J2716 interface
Micronas tackles automotive, industrial applications with programmable hall-effect transducer
Audi brings predictive emergency brake to the road
Melexis profiatbly rides the ecology wave
Berner & Mattner completes steering angle sensor test system
MOST technology aims at safety-critical applications
Liqud level sensor can monitor brake fluid level
ZF Electronics angular position sensors have non-contact sensing for prolonged product life
AMR sensor integrates microcotroller

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