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News about Stmicroelectronics

ST extends ARM licence to ARMv8-R for advanced automotive designs September 30, 2015ST extends ARM licence to ARMv8-R for advanced automotive designs STMicroelectronics has licensed further ARM 32-bit processor technology for use in real-time safety-related Smart Driving applications. The ARMv8-R architecture combines real-time performance and functional safety features. Read more Dead reckoning enables exact 3D navigation September 28, 2015Dead reckoning enables exact 3D navigation Urban canyons, this expression describes narrow streets amidst towering skyscrapers or in tunnels, both hampering the reception of navigation signals from satellites. Chipmaker STMicroelectronics (ST) counters the problem with a new firmware for its Teseo-III automotive navigation devices. The company promises that the positioning will be always available and accurate – by means of a navigation technique used in the early years of aviation: Dead reckoning. Read more ST rolls central crash sensors for airbag systems September 22, 2015ST rolls central crash sensors for airbag systems  Airbags are said to be the single innovation in the car that saved most lives. STMicroelectronics (ST) now introduced two new crash sensors for installation in a central location inside the vehicle. With the move the chipmaker completes its portfolio of airbag control devices – the company already offers peripheral crash sensors, airbag control ICs and safety microcontrollers for airbag applications. Read more STMicroelectronics offers qualified HAL firmware for embedded systems September 2, 2015STMicroelectronics offers qualified HAL firmware for embedded systems The latest set of Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) firmware included in the design ecosystem of the STMicroelectronics STM32 ARM Cortex-M core 32-bit microcontrollers has been developed in compliance with the MISRA C guidelines and the demanding ISO/TS16949 standard for automotive quality system management. Read more PLS lines up debug offering for ST’s latest automotive MCUs September 2, 2015PLS lines up debug offering for STÂ’s latest automotive MCUs The UDE test/debug environment is available at the same time as the first MCU samples of STMicroelectronics’ SPC58 E-line multi-core automotive MCUs: PLS says that its UDE version 4.4.6 supports all the MCUs’ functions. Read more
MCU documentation package from ST facilitates ISO 26262 certification
2 Mbit EEPROM is automotive-qualified
Automotive high-side drivers rated for use in stop-start vehicles
CAN ESD protection devices meet key automotive interface protocols
ST takes automotive-grade thyristors to 1200V rating
Multicore microcontrollers combine safety, security features
Auto chip market: upheaval ahead
XSmall package for automotive EEPROMs
Safety design package for STM32 microcontrollers
Silicon-Carbide MOSFET range extended at 1200V ratings
Automotive-qual’d SiC diodes also suit smaller inverter designs
6-axis inertial measurement unit shrinks to 3x3x1.1mm
Infineon's secret weapon: Dresden Fab, 48V car battery
Automotive-qualified 100-V transistors boost power efficiency
Fully digital class-D amplifier shrinks head unit BOM
8-bit MCUs target space-constrained body applications
Start/stop-compatible amplifier tolerates voltage drops
Video software stack receives GENIVI compliance certification
Tandem diodes offer economical alternative to SiC in e-car charging points
Renesas passes automotive semiconductor competitors, Semicast reckons
Microcontrollers meet safety level ASIL D
Hyundai Autron picks STM for extensive collaboration
Intelligent high-side switches make car electronics more reliable
Class-D amplifier family brings digital audio to automotive infotainment
European consortium develops monolithic 122-GHz radar sensor
STMicroelectronics, FAW Group establish joint R&D lab in China 

Technology platform enables next-gen digital car radios
Surge protection device certified to automotive preferred ISO pulse specs
'Invisible' bike helmets integrate motion sensors to expand air-bag-like shell
Safe use of phone apps at the wheel through smartphone-centric in-vehicle infotainment
3D MEMS-based accelerometer addresses automotive, consumer, medical markets
Reneas takes pole position in automotive semiconductor race
ST launches automotive-qualified 3-axis gyro
ST integrates window control into door controller IC
Optical sensor discriminates fog, twilight
Temperature stable measurement IC for power management and motor control applications
New STMicroelectronics power MOSFETs driving up vehicle electrical efficiency
Automotive semiconductor market sees major shift
ST reports record year for automotive chips
ST debuts world's first single-chip positioning device for multiple global navigation systems
STMicroelectronics rolls MEMS-based airbag sensor
MEMS accelerometer addresses broad range of automotive applications
ST audio amplifier maintains hi-fi sound during engine turn-off and cranking
STMicroelectronics I/O Hub aims at automotive infotainment
ST's HD radio chipset receives iBiquity certification
ST uses Alango's echo cancellation, noise reduction technologies
NXP tops automotive infotainment chip ranking, says iSuppli
Automotive chips: Infineon passes Freescale
ST current sense amplifier targets automotive applications

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