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News about Texas Instruments

NFC transponder for use in automotive applications January 4, 2016NFC transponder for use in automotive applications A dynamic dual-interface NFC transponder from Texas Instruments, the RF430CL330H-Q1, is AEC-Q100-qualified for use in automotive infotainment systems. Read more NFC technology is approaching the automotive domain December 4, 2015NFC technology is approaching the automotive domain Texas Instrument has introduced a Transponder for the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology with Q100 automotive qualification. The dynamic dual interface device will bring the simplicity and productivity of the NFC technology to the automotive domain, the chipmaker said. Read more TI to Bring 3-D Surround-View to Entry-Level Cars October 28, 2015TI to Bring 3-D Surround-View to Entry-Level Cars Texas Instruments is introducing its newest automotive system-on-chip family, in an effort to move 3-D surround-view applications from the luxury category to entry and mid-level vehicles. Read more Redriver chip boosts USB 2.0 signal integrity October 12, 2015Redriver chip boosts USB 2.0 signal integrity Texas Instruments presents this IC as the first stand-alone USB 2.0 redriver, improving signal integrity in automotive applications; the high-speed redriver easily enables designers to reduce the size, cost and power consumption of automotive infotainment systems Read more Half-bridge gate driver for hybrid vehicle power systems July 9, 2015Half-bridge gate driver for hybrid vehicle power systems Presented as the fastest-available 120-V high-side/low-side gate driver, this device reduces switching loss and minimises noise for greater efficiency and longer mileage Read more
SDK targets InfoADAS development
Multi-channel synchronous buck converter with PMBus interface
Smart power switch replaces discretes in powertrain and automotive body electronics
TI’s SafeTI software development certified to ISO 26262/IEC 61508
Ford highlights smart mobility, new infotainment generation
Single IC controls entire LED matrix headlight
Voltage regulators connect directly to car battery
In-vehicle infotainment steps up to USB3, adds wireless charging
Top ten automotive MEMS sensor vendors ranked
Analog front end improves radar image
Jacinto 6 'Eco' brings high-end infotainment features to entry segment
Multi-cell battery monitors scan 12 to 48-V industrial Li-ion batteries
LED driver offers enhanced functionality for front and rear light
Gate drivers offer ultra-low propagation delay
Tool set speeds development of camera-based driver assistance systems
The MEMS market - who are the winners, the losers
TI rolls heterogeneous number crunching SoC for automotive video processing
Inductance-to-digital converter: a new approach in position and motion sensing
Fast CAN transceivers with integrated ESD protection for vehicle body networks
Tiva development kit supports USB, CAN interfaces
Hercules MCUs offer safety features for less than $20
Software brings in-car connectivity on Texas Instruments processors
Multi-topology LED driver brings design flexibility to headlamps and fog lights
TI introduces motor driver family for functional safety applications
Automotive LED drivers combine high voltage rating with strong EMC performance
65-nm ARM Flash MCU controls electronic brake
Texas Instruments releases new Sensor Hub BoosterPack kit to explore sensor fusion applications
Industry's first reconfigurable DC arc detect reference solution detects electrical arc faults to avert fires
TI introduces reconfigurable DC arc detect reference solution
Automotive synchronous boost controller offers high output voltage
48-V constant on-time synchronous step-down converter targets automotive and industrial applications
Motor control algorithm makes sensors redundant
Low-voltage power management unit offers ultra-fast start-up time
Jacinto 6 brings more processing power to automotive infotainment
Jacinto 5 powers Audi high-end infotainment system
Motor control chipset supports functional safety requirements
New functional safety design packages accelerate safety-critical design development and certification
Multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery gas gauge supports wide range lithium battery chemistries
Fully integrated ultrasonic signal conditioner supports automotive parking distance applications
Integrated power controller offers stability benefits for automotive applications
TI introduces 16-bit delta-sigma ADC for the automotive market
Industry's first 100-V synchronous buck regulator with integrated MOSFETs improves reliability in high-voltage applications
Automotive MCUs certified to AEC-Q100 improve fuel efficiency and battery life
TI introduces first 14-rail PMIC for infotainment and cluster applications
TI continues NatSemi Simple Switcher product line with nano modules and nano regulators
TI introduces 36-volt op amp for the automotive market
Automotive multimedia concept embraces Android, tablet computer
IC protects battery packs for e-bikes, power tools
High-temperature H.E.A.T. evaluation module speeds safe testing of electronics for harsh and hot environments
TI unveils industry's highest accuracy lithium-ion battery monitor for electric mobility
TI expands automotive safety portfolio with airbag squib driver family
NXP tops automotive infotainment chip ranking, says iSuppli

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