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News about Volkswagen

BMW invoke fast battery chargers to spark EV sales July 28, 2014BMW invoke fast battery chargers to spark EV sales BMW has launched the company's i DC Fast Chargers, which claim to be capable of charging the BMW i3 all-electric vehicle’s battery up to 80 percent in 30 minutes, to help spark growth in the company's electric vehicle sales drive. Read more VW grabs Blackberry's European R&D lab July 3, 2014VW grabs Blackberry's European R&D lab With the connected car becoming ubiquitous, even sedate carmakers get moving: Volkswagen has launched an entity dedicated to research and development of automotive connectivity. Read more Volkswagen approves chokeless HS-CAN transceivers January 23, 2014Volkswagen approves chokeless HS-CAN transceivers Carmaker Volkswagen has approved NXP Semiconductor's 'Mantis' High-Speed CAN transceiver ICs for use in its vehicles. These devices enable electronics designers to omit the common-mode chokes that normally are required for the sake of EMC suppression. The omission of these chokes leads to significant cost reductions. Read more Volkswagen, Stanford University intensify collaboration June 3, 2013Volkswagen, Stanford University intensify collaboration Virtual intelligence, materials science, data security and vehicle dynamics are in the focus of a collaboration between Volkswagen group of America and the Stanford University. The carmaker announced to invest $1.7 million into joint research and training programs. Read more Automotive microcontroller benchmark takes energy efficiency into account May 21, 2013Automotive microcontroller benchmark takes energy efficiency into account Today, cars are crammed with microprocessors, and many of them are not completely switched off when the driver parks and locks the vehicle. Instead, many remain "semi-active" in sleep mode - and over time, even ultra-low power processors discharge the battery. To gain a foundation for assessment of microprocessor power consumption, the Volkswagen and the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) group plan to jointly establish an energy-efficiency benchmark for microcontrollers. The results will help designers to make automotive control units more energy aware. Read more
Volkswagen turns the key to electromobility
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HAVEit project proves series maturity of automatic driving
Automakers drive development of in-vehicle wireless charging, analyst says
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Autosar core partners reveal roll-out plans
Intersection assistant systems make use of car-to-x communications
Daimler, Audi declare MOST150 ready for mass production
Volkswagen selects Infineon sensor chip to support electric power steering systems
Augmented reality trains VW service workers
Volkswagen invests billions into technology upgrade
Volkswagen takes next step to automatic driving
Audi gives green light to MOST150 deployment for serial production
Volkswagen research project aims at improving automotive lighting
Volkswagen presents c2i safety software
Volkswagen bundles global e-mobility R&D efforts
Volkswagen to build new plant in southern China
Audi, VW select AMS FlexRay transceiver for Electronic Control Units
Volkswagen boosts e-car commitment in China

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