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News about Volkswagen

Volkswagen deploys data glasses in series production November 23, 2015Volkswagen deploys data glasses in series production Following a three-month pilot project, Volkswagen has introduced the usage of 3D smart glasses as standard equipment for some of its manufacturing staff in the company’s main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. Logistic personnel in the factory will use the glasses for oeder picking, aiming at improving production process quality. Read more Volkswagen lures digitisation strategy manager away from Apple November 10, 2015Volkswagen lures digitisation strategy manager away from Apple In the past, Apple used to hire European automotive experts by the dozen for its “Titan” project of a supposedly self-driving electric car. Now Volkswagen has turned the tables around: Amidst the exhaust gas scandal the carmaker succeeded to hire an Apple manager. His new job: Shaping Volkswagen’s digitisation strategy. Read more Engineer was the whistle-blower in VW exhaust gas scandal November 9, 2015Engineer was the whistle-blower in VW exhaust gas scandal The disclosure of the Volkswagen CO2 exhaust gas scandal was initiated by an engineer in the carmaker’s R&D department. According to a report from German tabloid Bild am Sonntag, the engineer reported the problem to his supervisors. The reason to forge the exhaust gas values: unrealistic targets from VW’s managing board, connected with high pressure to reach these goals. Read more Research vehicle on autonomous drive through Mexico October 29, 2015Research vehicle on autonomous drive through Mexico Paul Rojas, professor of the University of Nevada and the Freie Universität Berlin, has driven 1500 miles (2400 km) miles with the hands off the wheel through Mexico. The trip from the U.S. border town of Nogales to Mexico City is the longest-ever automated drive in this country. Read more First consequences of VW scandal: Brutal cuts in R&D spending October 13, 2015First consequences of VW scandal: Brutal cuts in R&D spending In the wake of the Dieselgate scandal about manipulated exhaust gas values, Volkswagen sees itself compelled to change some strategic product directions and to drastically cut R&D spending. As a signal for a new start, the company puts more emphasis on powertrain electrification. Read more
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Automotive microcontroller benchmark takes energy efficiency into account
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Volkswagen starts battery production for e-car
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Automotive touch screen market to boom, predicts IMS
No electronics diet for the new Volkswagen Golf
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Study names leading carmakers in technology partnerships
German OEMs demo universal e-car charging system
HAVEit project proves series maturity of automatic driving
Automakers drive development of in-vehicle wireless charging, analyst says
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Daimler, Audi declare MOST150 ready for mass production
Volkswagen selects Infineon sensor chip to support electric power steering systems
Augmented reality trains VW service workers
Volkswagen invests billions into technology upgrade
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Audi gives green light to MOST150 deployment for serial production
Volkswagen research project aims at improving automotive lighting
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Volkswagen to build new plant in southern China
Audi, VW select AMS FlexRay transceiver for Electronic Control Units
Volkswagen boosts e-car commitment in China

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